Throat Chakra Imbalances

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Throat Chakra Imbalances

by Stephen Canning  N.D., Dip.Mass., Dip.Bot.Med., Dip.Hom., Cert IV Workplace Train. & Assess., A.N.T.A.B

Many patients I see usually speak to me about their main ill-health symptoms and often disregard telling me about other symptoms that in their mind are not important as they have had them for so long and they are used to them. One such set of these secondary symptoms that often present involves the areas associated with the throat chakra (e.g. thyroid, throat, mouth, teeth, jaw, neck, ears, arms, shoulders and tongue).

These secondary symptoms include tight jaw, throat symptoms, grinding teeth at night, sore neck or thyroid imbalances. It is important to educate patients to realise that a symptom is by definition is a ‘sign of something’, and the ‘something’, the answer, is within them not outside of them. The body does not give a symptom until it can’t compromise and more and then it ‘demands’ your attention so you can be aware of the imbalance and learn.

As well as lifestyle changes, dietary changes, prescribing supplements, and other herbal and homeopathic medicines it is very wise to educate the patient on what mental/emotional patterns can lead to an imbalance in the throat chakra as the throat chakra is specifically involved in mental/emotional detox which is at least as important as physical detox.

The mind/body can mentally/emotionally detox with talking, singing, writing gardening, art, craft, cooking in fact anything that is creative and allows us to express ourselves. This process can also be enhanced and encouraged with various forms of bodywork, yoga, tribal dancing etc

As we know, the body believes everything we believe so when we change our beliefs to a more balanced our body will respond accordingly.

How to keep balance in the Throat Chakra

At various times we all need to create boundaries with ourselves and other people as to what are acceptable behaviours. Watch how we respond to various ‘demands’ or ‘requests’ for our help and see if we are mainly saying ‘yes’ to please the other person and not because we really want to! Sometimes we need to say ‘no’.

If someone asks us to do something or go somewhere it is often a great strategy to suggest that they ‘leave the question with you’ for a few hours or overnight before answering. The person has had a while to think about the question and you deserve to have time before responding (unless you are sure of your response). It still may be a ‘yes’, with a boundaries such as ‘yes I would love to help you, and I can do that between 2 and 4pm’. It is far better for our health and growth than saying ‘yes’ and then hanging up the phone and asking ourselves “why did I say yes!”

We often say yes out of habit and /or to please others, so we are liked and accepted. We have no hidden agenda in delaying the response we just want to answer truthfully. We teach others how to treat and respect us by how we treat and respect ourselves.

If someone is projecting their negativities towards us 3 suggestions as to what to do:

  1. Don’t take it personally.They would love nothing more that you respond back with negativity as it feeds them and they then feel justified as to their initial behaviour toward you. If you do as I suggest all their negativity will ‘bounce’ back to them and they will be encouraged to resolve it within themselves.
  2. Is there an element of truth in what they are saying?If the person says something with an element of truth regarding our behaviour, (although they are not saying it very nicely!) e.g. how we could look at a certain situation differently, or do things differently or how we need to change it would be best to get our ‘ego’ out of the way and say. “I see what you are saying and will give that some thought; I understand what you are saying’. Once again, all their negativity will bounce back to them to be resolved within them. Its ‘interesting’ watching one person argue by themselves!
  3. Unacceptable behaviourIf someone’s behaviour is not acceptable it is often wise to “ask for what you want’ rather than continually telling the person ‘what you don’t want’. For example, if someone is talking disrespectfully to you, do not talk about their behaviour but you might say, “when you speak to me I would appreciate you speak to me with more respect”. By asking for what you want it helps us to get clear with ourselves ‘what do I want’. Otherwise we can go on and on taking about their behaviour but there is no right answer they could ever give because we may not even be sure what we want.

We are usually asking the other person to display a virtue such as respect, patience, tolerance, support, cleanliness,  co-operation, helpfulness, reliability, punctuality.

Affirmations to optimise Throat Chakra

If someone has a imbalance get them to read through these 7 affirmations below
and choose 1 or 2 that they can relate to wanting to embrace the most. Once chosen,
get them repeat that affirmation a few times a day for a few weeks so as to “upgrade the program.”


Willpower & Determination

I set clear boundaries for my own behaviour & I cultivate a strong will by being true to myself.

I use my willpower when needed to accomplish my daily tasks & spiritual goals as well as encouraging
uplifting thoughts & behavior in myself. Doing this will assist me on my next stage of emotional, mental & spiritual growth.

I avoid substance abuse as it diminishes my strength of will, confuses my mind & hinders me from being in touch with my positive thoughts  & the truth.



I communicate openly & honestly so as to express my thoughts & feelings clearly. I share my inner knowledge freely with integrity & without fear.

My aim is to be fully understood by others.

I am open to giving & receiving praise & will be cautious not to talk excessively & make is all about me!

I create space in my conversations for others to communicate with me!

I enquire about other’s thoughts & feelings too.

Listening to their truth can be very uplifting.


Creative Expression

I am committed to sharing & revealing my thoughts & feelings by being creative in my communication

style & using expressive & colourful language.

I express myself through talking, singing, sighing, laughing, crying & using my creative talents.

I consciously use my senses to experience my  world more fully. e.g. I see, hear, smell & feel more & I become aware of my surroundings (weather, aromas, people, nature, sounds, sights, etc.)



I am truthful & honest with myself!

I aim to overcome any fears regarding to me speaking my truth & I speak in a loving, considerate way.

My personal empowerment comes from telling the truth  & letting others know who I am.

Others will be positively uplifted when they hear my truth &I take care not to exaggerate in order to impress.

I am cautious of not letting my mind mislead me & in turn, others.

I avoid gossiping or speaking negatively of others.


Setting Boundaries

I teach others how to love & respect me by how I love & respect myself! My integrity is supported
when I express my thoughts & feelings.

I am aware of excessively want to please others & I will not give away my personal power by always saying yes when I want to say no.

I speak up for myself & set boundaries when necessary, regarding other peoples behavior by asking for what I DO want, (e.g. respect, patience, tolerance, support, etc.) rather than telling them what I DON’T want.


Connect with Spirit

I develop a quiet mind which allows me to ‘tune in’ & get in touch with my higher self (spirit) & listen for the guidance which is there waiting for me to hear.

I am open to the truth & welcome spiritual inspiration from others.

I will benefit greatly by practicing meditation & stillness.

I ask for inner guidance to assist me in getting more in touch with spirit: ‘ask for guidance & it will be given’!


Expressing My Feelings

I allow my emotions to be fully experienced & I acknowledge my feelings of grief, anger or fear etc & make a conscious effort to express my emotions or resolve them within myself & move forward.

I let the unconditional love experienced in my heart be expressed through my voice & my creativity.  

I let those close to me know how much I love & care for them & I forgive all those who have done me wrong in the past as well as forgiving myself as I could not have responded any more evolved than I was at that time!


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