Remember the Law of Attraction

Remember the Law of Attraction and the book, The Secret?

It created a lot of Hype  ….

Not so long ago, everyone was talking about the “Secret”, and … “No”, I don’t want to sell you anything.

And, if you don’t know what I am talking about, I would recommend to read or watch the DVD, it is positive and spiritual, and obviously it was well marketed, which has it’s pro’s and con’s.
( you find it by searching for > The Secret < on google )

The Pros

Most people know about it, which is a good thing, because generally speaking, it has a powerful positive message.

The Cons

It’s successful marketing campaign has created a lot of hype, and with a lot of hype comes a lot of expectations, which usually are not fulfilled, which may lead to a lot of blaming, misgivings and most problematic, may lead to disbelieving those principles altogether.

My hope is that it will be followed up with books and DVD’s that will explain more about attitudes, principles and concepts, why and when it is not working as expected, without letting go of the basic principle that one can achieve something with focus, positive attitude and belief.

First of all, I am all for it, I have no critic about “the law of Attraction” or it’s concept.

*I may have certain reservation of how it has been presented, but that’s not important.

I would like to talk about of what people need to consider if things are not working out as expected.

In a nutshell, if we are 100% perfect – we would get 100% results – meaning 100% of our wishes would be fulfilled.

That would rise the question, if we are 100% perfect, what would we wish for? A new Mercedes …. I don’t think so.

Anyhow, I don’t know any superior being on this planet who could be called 100% perfect. Just consider what it means not to have any negative thoughts, doubts or fears in your mind at all. If those beings exists, they probably don’t bother interacting with us, they probably would consider it a waste of time 🙂

Just imagine, no mental hang ups, no ego problems, nothing, not even red wine, just all 100% bliss and perfection.

This brings us to another law, which is the law of Cause and Effect, or, ….  what you put in you get out.

Maybe we should reflect on that law first, before we try to manifest extreme wishes.

Back to the “Secret” and the 3 important quests:

1 – Ask for what you want – 2 – believe that you get it, and 3 – be ready to receive it.

Unfortunately, in most cases, nothing will come, the reason is simple; you may have been side-tracked by other issues going on in your life, conscious or subconscious.

Does that mean you are to Negative? No, not at all, because, it means that there are many other factors that may have to be learnt first.

By the way, the law of attraction works both ways ……!

… anyone harbouring negative thoughts, may get negative results.

Have you noticed that it seems to be always harder to do positive things, and that the negative things seem to come easy, seemingly by itself? 

Why is that?

It’s easy to be lazy, drink, smoke, or not to do your exercise, not to learn, not to achieve, not to be peaceful and loving… giving in to your rage, hate, righteousness, and so much more, it needs no effort.

Could it be that all these things need clearing up, before one wishes for a fortune?

We are dealing with energy, and the way energy is flowing.

This brings us to another important fact to know and to act on.

You have placed your wish to the universe, and you be presented  with opportunities.

The “momentum” the window of opportunity,  and acting on that opportunity is vital.

If you missed that opportunity, (Time-factor) maybe because of self doubt, you will have missed that flow of energy, which you need in order to be propelled in the right direction.

Yet another fact is that many people may not even “see” the opportunities that will be presented to them. Opportunities may be right in front of their eyes, but they are simply not aware of it.

We are only aware of something we know already…

That reminds me of a well-known joke, > a person is stranded in his house by a flood. He looks out to the water and with his strong faith knows the God will provide help. A boat comes along.. wants to take him, but he calls out, it’s OK, God will provide. The flood is getting higher; he is on top of the roof now. A rescue helicopter comes, but he calls out, no I am OK, God will provide.. a bit later on he drowns.

Standing before God, he says; “why didn’t you helped me”?

God answered; “what about the boat and helicopter I arranged for you”?

I am not good at telling jokes, but it demonstrates an important point.

A lot of people may wish for a lot of money, lets face it, it’s highly unlikely, that we all win the Lottery 🙂

Let’s face something else, if you have wished for 5 Million Dollars, would you be even ready to receive it, and to take on that challenge?

Maybe you just want the money without the work or the action you have to take, or the lifestyle which may come with that money.

With other words, …. be careful what you ask for, it may come true.

Actually the list goes on and on; to seize the moment with the proper action, or to be able to recognise a presented opportunity, are just minor hurdles.

Internal subconscious negative thought patterns, negative or fear orientated attitudes and self-sobotage may be much harder to overcome.

The reality is, we all have some hang ups, and most of the time we may not even be aware of them, but those hang ups can back-fire badly.

Anyhow, lets not focus on that, lets focus on making sure you ask for the proper “thing”.

I guess most people live a lifestyle, which has evolved by circumstances, like life is happening to them, rather than creating their own lifestyle.

I am a great fan of creating your own lifestyle and with that your own reality, which by the way is part of the law of attraction.

I would like to recommend to everyone who wants to use the law of attraction, (which we all use subconsciously, and more often than not to our detriment) to sit down and create a lifestyle first. Start with your money, and don’t let the money you have or not have dictate your lifestyle.

Plan a lifestyle, than work out how much that would cost, than plan how you can afford that. If it is too expensive, put it out to the universe and be ready for new opportunities to arise. You may be surprise to find that those new opportunities will match the lifestyle you have chosen.

And finally, you may need some help of getting rid of the subconscious negative thought patterns, which may sabotage your plans, it’s usually self-sabotage if something is not working the way you wanted, influenced by old negative lifestyle habits and though patterns.

Affirmations are a good way to counteract those parts in you, or you can do it sub-consciously by listening to subliminal messages.

Why subliminal you may ask? It is by-passing your conscious mind, your left side of your brain, which is always interfering, which tells you, no, I am not clever, I am not beautiful, I can’t do that, that’s not possible, I am sure you know what I mean ….

And yet another final thought, there is nothing new about the Secret or the law of attraction, we do have many “books” already which use the same principles; you may recognise them:

The Principles Are:

  1. Ask And You Shall Receive
  2. Give And You Shall Be Given
  3. Seek And You Shall Find
  4. You reap what you sow
  5. And this one maybe one of the most important one, it’s not called the “Golden Rule” for nothing …
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

…….. and lets not forget to be grateful, after all, being alive and healthy is the most important part.

Article by Dieter L. Editor for useNature