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Boundless Counselling and Consultancy

Specialising in assisting in recovery, resilience and emotional equilibrium.  Leisha Townson is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Psychologist and Counsellor with over 25 years experience in

Susan Crozier InnerSight Hypnosis - Naturopathy

Susan Crozier The undeniable connection between the “health of our body” and the “state of our mind” is becoming widely acknowledged. People are becoming aware of the “po
0400 223 949

Ananda Mahony - Naturopath & Clinical Nutrition

Ananda Mahony Integrated pain management, chronic skin conditions B.App.SC (Naturopathy): Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrated Pain Management As a naturopath and clinical nutritionis
0411 715 700

Breaking the Stress Cycle

Breaking the Stress Cycle Online Fundamentals to learn how to create the Meditation/Relaxation Response This approach to happiness is simple and profound. Are you ready to make the changes needed to