Space Clearing

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Space Clearing

“If in doubt, clean out”

Space Clearing is a well recognized holistic healing technique to improve the flow of Qi (chi) in your surrounding environment.

I love space clearing, it comes naturally to me.

I noticed it even when I was very young, I always felt better, more clear and creative when I had cleaned up space around me, or cleaned up a certain cupboard or just some paperwork.

It works well with procrastination; even so it seems to be the opposite. What I mean is, if you finally overcome a bit of procrastination and clean something, you feel instantly better.

Interestingly, with a bit of discipline, becoming aware of some specific procrastination issues, and knowing that space clearing will come as an instant relief,  may stimulate you to do it.

I even do space clearing on my computer, on my desk, in the garden, everywhere, and no …. it’s not compulsive 🙂

Space clearing has been always used, often sub consciously, and often by counsellers to achieve similar results.

The simple technique of clearing out a cupboard is often used as a metaphor and practical technique to clean out your mind….

But most importantly, it is a specialized branch of Feng Shui that works at even deeper levels by cleansing and purifying the chi of a building, thus enhancing the quality and nature of the energy in “spaces”.

Feng Shui always works better and faster when done in conjunction with Space Clearing.

Before you can Feng Shui your home or work place you need to rid yourself of clutter. There is no point implementing remedies if you have clutter, as it will reduce the effective flow of energy.

Get the Energy Flowing

Clutter, which is disorder and confusion, is symbolic of what you may be experiencing in life.

Your home is a reflection of you and clutter can block the energy flowing effectively through the home and therefore can affect opportunities available to you.

Surround yourself with positive energy and that means surrounding yourself with items that mean something positive to you and make you feel good, everything else should be removed.

Make a point of de-cluttering at least once a year.

If you want to keep things, get organized. Put them in a cupboard so they are neat and you know where everything is. You will feel a lot more in control of your life.

Space Clearing removes paranormal energies and changes energy to suit your needs. It works with physical manifestations of psychic and emotional energy as well as paranormal activity.

There are many types of Feng Shui, the most commonly known are;  Form, Compass and Flying Star School.

Feng Shui is all about energy, which should extend the way you feel about your environment.

The self help element within Feng Shui starts always with a good clean out, and folow that up with common sense and your own intuition how your home feels to you.

If something is  not quiet right, it’s time to consult a Feng Shui consultant.

In traditional Feng Shui the Five Elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood, and their colours and shapes are used.

This brings us to your surroundings or your Garden, which is a reflection of you as well.

Tips for your garden space clearing and feng shui

  • Remove all rubbish, clutter and bad smells from around the house and gardens.
  • Do not block your windows with trees and shrubs.
  • Have good lighting at your front entrance.
  • Have a curved pathway to your front door. If this is not possible, use plants to make a curved path.
  • Plants that bare fruit represent growth and abundance.
  • Remove plants that are rotting, dying or dead as they bring yin Qi into the house.

 … and remember  …. 

“If in doubt, clean out

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