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Crystal Waters Eco Village, Kilcoy Lane, Conondale QLD, Australia 0754944558
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 Are you sick of over-analyzing your relationship or do you try to avoid the obvious issues all-together?
Tired of trying to figure out
 why he did what he did, what she meant when she said that and why everything you try only makes things much worse?
Has the fun disappeared? Is trying to get your needs met and your relationship right again, a big struggle?
Are you living together in the same physical space yet feel emotionally world’s apart?
Frustrated with your partner not changing and sick of your own ongoing reactivity?
Yet somewhere deep inside, do you still believe it IS possible to have that special closeness and intimacy you once shared and still long for?

The Relationship Repair Retreat offers you the chance to experience deep intimacy, love and fulfillment supported by specific tools and effective relating methods that facilitate this over and over again. 

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Surname Siodmak
Phone Number 0754944558
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Postcode 4552
Address 51/65 Kilcoy Lane
City Condonale
State Qld
Country Australia
Credentials BSc, ND, Dip Herbal Medicine, Dip Nutrition, certified Exceptional Marriage Mentor.
Country Australia
State/Province Queensland
distance: 15,901 Kilometers
Address Crystal Waters Eco Village, Kilcoy Lane, Conondale QLD, Australia
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