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Red Soil Organics

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Red Soil Organics – sustainable agriculture – food forest systems

With a passion for true organics, we understand that we need to contribute to the wellness of our environment and the people that inhabit it.

Red Soil Organics specialises in sustainable agriculture, food forest systems, property design, 1 on 1 backyard training, urban agriculture and peri urban agriculture systems.

Biodynamic/Organic Growing Workshop

Food Forest Soil Preparation | Revitalisation

Conventional Farm to Organic Farm Consulting and Implementation

The benefits of the switch are much more rewarding, as the health of the soil and environment improves, so does your worms, birds, water holding capacity, drought resilience and income.

It can be daunting, but its a journey with nothing but positives and options. Expanding Enterprises into niches and unused/marginal land.

We have a scaleable system on display that you can viscerally experience for market gardeners and small croppers and we have the ability to take farm conversions of 500 acres on board.

Biodynamic Land Reading and System Building

If you are looking at building a self sufficient system that gains in fertility, water holding capabilities and cultivation options such as mushrooms as it moves through its life and you like the sound of No Till, no watering, no weeding, no fertilising, no pest, no disease, constant harvesting and no time wasted with the added beauty of an abundance of bees, dragonfly, worms and birds….

 ….. then we are the people to call!


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