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Maree Eccleston

Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy) – – Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy – – Professional Member of Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA)

Qualified homeopath offering professional natural health care for a acute and chronic health issues.

Why choose homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a complete holistic approach: each consultation is tailored individually to benefit your immune system, guiding you to balanced health and vitality.

Homeopathy acts gently to stimulate and direct the body’s own healing, a natural approach to health. Complaints from health conditions that may benefit from homeopathy can include both acute and chronic complaints.

Homeopathy also aims to help underlying susceptibility to disease at any stage of life. It can also be very useful in for minor ailments, from cuts and bruises to coughs and colds.


Homeopathy for kids

How can we look after our children naturally without the intervention of drugs when it is unnecessary?

Homeopathy is an alternative healthcare system used extensively in Europe, UK and US for 200 years, for acute and chronic ailments.

How can we help our children to grow into healthy adults?

First and foremost our children need to have a healthy and strong immune system. Research is showing that children in early childhood, who are exposed to frequent infections and inflammations, like colds, flu and fevers, will be less prone to allergies and asthma.

One in three Australians will suffer from an allergy related condition at some point in their lives. Allergies are an abnormal immune response. When children experience minor ailments or childhood diseases, the immune system is challenged, creating a stronger inner strength which will be with them for the rest of their life.

Non toxic

Often modern medicine can ease symptoms, but suppressing illness does not create health. Parents often watch helplessly as their children suffer repeated colds, coughs, fevers and other common childhood ailments.

Homeopathy used during minor ailments can aid in recovery and at the same time allows the body to strengthen the immune system. Homeopathy can help strengthen children for the challenges ahead by building a strong immune system, supporting them naturally allowing the body to create a healthy and balanced body.

Each child will get ill in their own individual way; homeopathy recognizes this and tailors each medicine individually.  The medicines are easy to take, doesn’t affect digestion, doesn’t produce allergies or rashes, doesn’t lower resistance and can be taken long term for chronic complaints.
Children respond exceptionally well to homeopathy returning to a healthy state in the quickest possible manner.

Recent research at the London Homeopathic Hospital showed that 70% of children responded well to homeopathy, childhood asthma and eczema showed a decrease in the use of steroid inhalers as well as the use of topical steroids.

Article by Maree Eccleston


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