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Maggie Kerr – Universal Astrology

Maggie Kerr (AAT Dip. Couns.) is a well known Australian Astrologer, Counsellor & Teacher/ Facilitator in Communications & People Skills.

She has been practising for over 20 years. She is an accredited teacher with the FAA and a member of the FAA exam board.

Maggie is available for consultations on the Gold Coast

Maggie Kerr


Welcome to the wonderful World of Astrology…

My name is Maggie Kerr and I have worked as a Counselling Astrologer for 23 years and been teaching for 19 years or so now. Over all these years I have found that the most common theme which emerges from both my clients and students is that we all have inside us an instinctive need to be loved, and to have a sense that we matter in some way… and this is what I believe it takes to find joy and meaning in life! Through my work and studies in Astrology and all the beautiful related healing sciences, I have found that sense of myself now in some measure, and I am full of gratitude for all those who’ve supported and taught me as colleagues, students and clients. I describe this last 23 years as my “Journey to Wholeness”.

When I began to study Astrology I thought I was simply gaining some interesting knowledge. However within the first year the syncronicity or seeming coincidence of events in my life, began to illustrate to me that something much more important was beginning to happen. As I began to know myself through my horoscope I saw that I was playing out some pretty unconscious patterns within my personal life, and that I needed to do something about this! So began my fascinating adventure into the therapeutic realms & Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy and all sorts of other therapies, in my quest to begin to live my life in greater joy & and without so much pain!

I have named the kind of Astrology I practice and teach “Therapeutic Astrology“, as I use the primary technical components of Astrology, and merge these with a number of different ideas from the psychotherapies and emotional healing models. So the idea in Therapeutic Astrology as I practice it, is that we are always in a state of growing into greater awareness of how we may heal into our own “wholeness”.

The point is that it is not enough to learn the technical aspect of this master science as we must also begin to “walk our talk”! We must also be willing to honestly look at the truth of our behaviors and how they effect ourselves and others & and then to change them if necessary! So the “therapeutic exchange” occurs, as we so often see our own issues reflected in the charts of the people around us, and learn to feel compassion for them, & and ultimately ourselves.

We live in a world of mirrors, & this is a principle which assures us that we see both our best and worst aspects in the people we have relationship with, & and that we have something to learn from everything and everyone!! We have also reached a point in human evolution which requires that we begin to live more conscious lives and take responsibility for ourselves! When we learn to do this, we find that we cannot project guilt and blame onto others anymore, and that ultimately we must accept responsibility for our choices in life.

PLease contact me for Astrology Classes , Workshops and Personal or Business Astrology Consultation, as well as for my UNIVERSAL ASTROLOGY WORKBOOKS.


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