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Life Coach to Quit Smoking

Maureen Hamilton

You can Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes in one session only and it is backed up with a Lifetime Guarantee!

So if you start smoking you come back at any time for another session.

I am a Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and have worked in areas of health in Australia and overseas.

My background includes training in general, midwifery psychiatric nursing plus other therapies.

Save money, increase your life span and enjoy a healthy life.

This is the most comprehensive Quit Smoking Hypnosis and NLP program on the face of the planet.
If you have tried other forms of quitting and failed, rest assured this will be the last time.This really does work! You will be a non-smoker in no time at all.

We are so confident about our program that we stand by our Lifetime Guarantee.

If you pick up another cigarette we will give you another session(s) FREE.

We create and develop an individualised Hypnosis script based on your personal requirements.

Not everyone is the same so we firmly believe this contributes to our success rate.

Using Advances Hypnosis and NLP techniques that have been carefully crafted, we can achieve astonishing results in just one easy session.

STOP putting it off!

Call us NOW on 1300 619 684 to become a non-smoking.

More Information:

Chances are you have heard of hypnosis, but you may not believe in it: many people are sceptical when it comes to anything that has to do with trances or altered-states of mind that are not induced by drugs.

However, hypnosis is a very real phenomenon that can have many therapeutic benefits. In order to better understand how hypnosis can help people, it is important to first understand how it works, so let’s discuss the concept of hypnosis in a little more depth.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an imaginative mental state of mind and it is typically characterized by heightened focus, concentration and inner absorption. Hypnosis is induced by hypnotic induction, a process that involves a long series of questions and instructions. Hypnotic induction can be administered by a hypnotist or by the subject him or herself. Contrary to popular belief, subjects who have been hypnotized are not asleep or engaging in sleepwalking, but rather are awake and responding to and focusing on the suggestions of the hypnotist.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the term used when hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes. Hypnotherapists use guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focus to help their patients achieve a heightened sense of awareness (a kind of “trance”) in which they are able to zone in on specific behavioural issues and address them by making positive changes.

Hypnotherapy can help modify a variety of behaviours and habits and it is dependent on the power of the mind, not mind-altering drugs. In this way, hypnotherapy is not at all dangerous-the only danger is that it may or may not work in helping you achieve a specific behavioural goal, but it will not harm your body in any way. Hypnosis will not cause you to lose control of your free will, only make you more open to suggestions, so it is not a form of mind control or manipulation. It is completely safe and many patients find it extremely helpful in changing the way they about things and perceive things.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help a patient quit smoking and relieve stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, and sleep disorders. It is considered an aid to psychotherapy and it has become increasingly popular as people are becoming more aware of how much power the mind has in influencing the way we think and behave-we are the creators of our thoughts and our thoughts are the creators of our actions. There are many certified hypnotherapists and there are hypnotherapy organizations in America, England, and Australia as well as in various countries across the globe.

If you have some habits that you are looking to change, are struggling with a psychological condition, or are just seeking ways to expand your mind and the way you think about the world, hypnosis offers a great chance to condition your thinking in positive, creative, and helpful ways and it is definitely worth considering when looking for ways to improve your quality of life.

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