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Fountain of Inner Health @ The Medical Sanctuary

Fountain of Inner Health offers a wide variety of Natural Therapies, specializing in Colon Health and detoxification….

We believe health starts in the Colon, without a good functioning colon and digestive track most of your other body function will not work at an optimum level….

… resulting in ill health, sluggishness, lack of energy, faulty absorption and the list goes on.

To help you to achieve optimum Health, we have combined various natural healing methods, and we use specific natural nutritive supplements to achieve your health goals..

Kym Atkinson, certified Colon Therapist

The Fountain of Inner Health clinic is operated by Kym Atkinson, a certified Colon Therapist by the Australian Institute of Health and a member of the Australian Colon Health Association.

Kym has been a practicing Colon Therapist for over 15 years, and is greatly respected for her work by local, national and international clients.

Our Method of Colon Hydrotherapy

Our clinic uses a closed method of colon hydrotherapy with modern equipment and disposable speculums.

Filtered, oxygenated water is used in the treatment.

What to expect in your colon hydrotherapy session

Prior to your first colon hydrotherapy session, you will be given an Iris Reading in order to determine the condition of your bowel.

During your session, Kym will be with you at all times and explaining all procedures.

Our method necessitates that the therapist is working with the client all of the time, monitoring and recording the progress of the session.

Natural Therapies:

  1. Iridology readingsplease click for more info
  2. Colon Hydrotherapy – Colon Reflex Method – Colon Detoxification
  3. Nutritional Advice and Supplementation
  4. Remedial Massage Therapies
  5. Mind – Spiritual Intuitive Healing

For more information, please contact us for an appointment… thank you –

Phone: 07556 45013


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