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Evenstar Creations Soluntra King

Doorway to the New Earth, Second Sun, Greater Central Sun, you as the Creator Goddess/God you are.

Books, Paintings, Mandalas, Photos, Workshops, Multi-D Journeys, Consultations and Star Essences for Activation of DNA, Light Body, Physical Immortality, Unity Consciousness…articles, extracts of books, Cosmic Events.

Soluntra King

Blessings of Love in the One Heart.

I live in New Zealand in the North Island, East Cape, place of First Light and have been here working with the new Light Codes.

I live right on the Ring of Fire and overlook the beach, coast and volcanic White Island just out at sea.

I see the sunrise and sunset and live in a beautiful space to do all my inner planes work and writing, painting and integrating anchoring and sharing the light codes. I still travel extensively as required.

In this life I have focused on my mission and have known from an early age I was here for the Great Shift in Cycle, I was never interested in a career, marriage, owning a house or anything else third dimensional. As a teenager I went travelling overseas on my own and lived in numerous countries experiencing different cultures and by Saturn Return at 28 I was back in New Zealand learning to be a Naturopath.

I practiced Naturopathy and as a guide to Inner Healing seeing people for nine years with practices in NZ, UK and Australia. I knew when it was time to let go and move blindly out into the void again. I then moved up into the bush in South East Queensland to a very multi-dimensional vortex and ancient Light City and co-created the Evenstar Mandalas and accidentally fell into publishing and being an author, having always been an artist.

For the last thirteen years I have written and published several books and am still writing, painting and publishing as you can see by what’s on this site.

I have been travelling extensively since 1981 and have been working firstly with the Crystalline and Light Grids and vortexes as the grids harmonised assisting in raising the consciousness, then in 1997 the Solar Grid was anchored.

I was activated in a Golden Solar Disc in the Himalayas in 1981 and have since that time worked consciously with the Golden Solar Discs anchoring and activating them until now the Golden Solar Disc is anchored within the hearts of humanity and the Solar Grid is fully harmonised as well. Working as ground crew with the Galactic Federation and with the Councils of Light and have for many years been anchoring Star alignments and Stargates as well as working with the Inner Earth beings and the Inner Earth Sun and Second Sun.

I have taken numerous groups since 1995 on journeys to anchor energies relevant at the time like activating the Living Library of Light in the waterways up in the Himalayas and source of the Ganges, last year was my last big mission taking groups for the Stargate Openings.

May you be blessed with your own connection the Source 
through the doorway of your Heart in Divine love and Oneness.

Divine Love and Blessings 



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