Dr. Peter Pedersen

63 Warrener Street, Nerang QLD, Australia 07 5527 3001
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Dr. Peter Pedersen

Your Health Matters – Group Practice

Natural Health Care and Integrative Medicine.
Structural, Functional and Metabolic Health Care


All ages gently cared for, from the very young to the elderly. Specific spinal manipulative therapy, computer instrument adjustment, joint mobilization and rehabilitation.

Integrated neuromuscular and musculoskeletal corrections, full body and cranial, Sports Conditioning and Injury treatment, Deep Muscle and Myofascial Release, (myotherapy). Preconception preparation and pregnancy care.


Whilst our main concern is the structure of the vertebral column (spine), we are thorough in our evaluation of your entire physical condition.

Our assessment includes all aspects of structure from the feet up. Inflexibility in the feet not only causes sore feet, it has repercussions throughout the body, whilst conditions such as pronation (rolling inward and flattening the arch) may not cause sore feet at all, yet can completely disrupt mechanical function throughout the rest of the body.

Your vertebral column is undoubtedly the most vital of the structural components, because it houses and protects the extension of the brain called the spinal cord. The nerves that pass from the spinal cord, through small openings in the vertebral column, carry messages to every part of the body.

Our attention to the structure of your spine is not just on the bones; it includes all of the components; the muscles, ligaments and soft tissues. Similarly with the rest of the body, we consider all aspects of structural integrity, postural imbalance and exercise physiology. One definition of health that appeals to us is “Health is 100% function”, and that leads us to our second area of expertise.


The basis of our practice is the restoration of function, pain free function, through the correction of biomechanical conditions that are the result of injury, posture or improper use. Most new patients come to us for correction of an already known, functional condition. We hear patients say, “I have back pain” or “My neck is out”, and it is easy to understand that there must be an underlying functional problem.

We have patients who come to us for all manner of conditions and disorders … and we provide the same explanation, there may be an underlying functional problem.

Our practice is health care, restoration and maintenance, and our method is biomechanical. We help you to restore function through the safe, non-surgical methods that have been proven through time and substantiated through science.


Varies according to personal circumstances such as severity of injury, level of flexibility and over-all well-being.

Your personal treatment recommendations are discussed at the initial consultation and the expected duration of treatment is explained.


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Address 63 Warrener Street, Nerang QLD, Australia
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