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50 Nicholson Street, Saint Leonards NSW, Australia 02 9906 2288 - 0420 976 228
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Bianca James

Welcome to The Sydney Colon Health Clinic …

… Australia’s most professionally operated and the leading Natural Colon Health & Colonic Lavage Centre of its kind.

We are the leaders in Colonic Lavage Therapy and operate on a Medical Model, adhering to Infection Control Regulations.

We helped write Guidelines with NSW Health.

Therapists are Registered Nurses reducing the risks & dangers when performed by a non medical person.

Do you suffer from any bowel problems,are pregnant, have gallstones, candida, cancer?

With our support/knowledge we can guide you back to the life you desire.

Optimum Health & Wellness.

Colonic Lavage is also known as Colon Hydrotherapy, and Colon Irrigation.

Lavage is the medical terminology. It is an extended, more complete and gentle form of an enema. The treatment is designed to cleanse the entire bowel (large intestine) from rectum to caecum, detoxifying the body & providing a healthier environment for ‘friendly’ bacteria to grow and re-colonise.

Your first appointment including treatment takes 2 hours and for subsequent treatments, you will be here for around 1 hour. Treatment is administered by an experienced Registered Nurse – who has undertaken extensive study and training (500 hours) in the area of Natural Colon Health and Colonic Lavage Therapy in order to qualify as a Colon Therapist, and work at this clinic.

The procedure involves the gentle infusion of ultra-pure, body temperature water into the rectum, via a pencil thin, sterile, single use rectal tube.

At this Clinic there is no danger of perforation or injury to the bowel, as we use a gravity system – NO PRESSURE – whereby are in total control of the amount of water taken in, and when it is eliminated.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with private facilities, and are soundproofed, with call bells, piped music and in-house videos, ensuring your comfort and privacy at all times.


  1. Colonic Irrigation is safe and effective


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Colon Health Clinic Sydney

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Address 50 Nicholson Street, Saint Leonards NSW, Australia
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