Australian Institute of Tibetan Healing Practices

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Australian Institute of Tibetan Healing Practices

What is Tibetan Healing?

Tibetan Healing works with the concept of whole body mind spirit well-being, a truly holistic concept.

It is immersed in Buddhist tradition, and  utilises three main types of therapies: nature medicinal properties, the mantras and meditation, creating harmony and balance essential for health and well-being.

It includes Tibetan Massage – Yoga – Meditation and Singing Bowl applications.

Overcome stress, anxiety, anger & transform adversity with Overcoming Problems Buddhism, recognised in 2008 as a new form of Buddhism for these times.

Course founder Gen Chris Yangchen has 26 years experience of teaching Buddhism.

Student comment: relevant, practical and life changing

Cost: By donation.

Overcoming Problems Buddhism, relevant, practical and life changing.

The course founder Gen Chris Yangchen is a Tibetan Buddhist nun and has been teaching for 26 years.

These innovative classes:

  • have an openness that allows you to explore for yourself
  • take a holistic approach to overcoming stress & negative habits
  • include meditations and mindfulness
  • are multidimensional and down to earth
  • are remarkably insightful and resonate on a personal level
  • improve relationships with others
  • are user friendly for those who want to change
  • examine mind, western culture and conditioning
  • are taught with humour, understanding and compassion


Tibetan Healing, a truly holistic concept.

Cost: By donation

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