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Dr. Antonia Ruhl, PhD, the creator of the Amazon Natural Fertility Program, IVF Support, Male & Female Infertility, Low Sex Drive, Menopause, Hormonal Imbalances

The Amazonian Miracle Worker Helps Barren Women
Have Children after Other Treatments Failed!’
Many mature-age mothers around the world sing praises to Antonia & her fertility herbs
Nicknamed the miracle worker by many of her clients, Antonia has helped infertile couples from many countries find their own bundle of joy, despite age or health issues.

By blending her intimate knowledge of herbal medicine with her unique level of expertise Antonia has helped many ‘problematic’ couples conceive.

They thought they could never get pregnant…
Antonia’s herbal fertility program produces incredible results.
Her success stories read like newspaper headlines:

  • ‘After failing IVF attempts, an ectopic pregnancy and carrying a genetic condition, this desperate mother turns to Antonia to help her conceive.’
  • “‘Woman with a septate uterus and one blocked tube finally gets pregnant after just 5 months on Antonia’s program”.’
  • ‘At 43, and after about 8 unsuccessful IVF attempts, Antonia gave us the greatest gift – our beautiful baby!’
  • ‘With one fallopian tube removed and two failed pregnancies, this woman was distraught until Antonia helped her to conceive just four months after meeting her!’
  • ‘Even with Connective Tissue Disorder (Lupus syndrome), Celiac Disease and chronic fertility issues, I am now the proud 45-year-old mother of a healthy baby boy!’
    See our Case Studies page for more of Antonia’s success stories.
    Solving infertility issues without quirky technology, adoption or rent-a-womb schemes!

If conventional wisdom says you’re too old to have babies…
If you have menstrual irregularities or problems conceiving…
If you believe surrogacy or adoption is the only option…
Antonia wants to hear your story.

Most importantly, she wants to help you conceive.
Antonia Ruhl sees herself as a spiritual healer; a person born to serve others. She blends her passion for serving people with her unique skill set as a healer and her inborn understanding of herbal and plant life.

Of course, some raise an eyebrow here – ­but her results speak for themselves!

What conventional wisdom says…

Conventional wisdom says that once a woman exits her golden childbearing years, she should kiss the idea of conceiving a healthy baby goodbye. After all, who wants to risk stillbirth, miscarriage and baby abnormalities!

Then there are health complications that worry both men and women.
In women, some health problems arise during pregnancy, and then there are genetic problems that lead to complications during conception or after birth.

You see, as you age, so do your eggs. The older you get the more prone to genetic abnormalities your eggs become, and that may be why you struggle to get pregnant. The health of your ovaries, uterus and even your hormones could also be to blame.

Men, on the other hand, can also suffer from infertility. In fact, statistics show that for about 1 in 5 infertile couples, the male partner is to blame, even when intercourse, erections and ejaculations show no sign of problems.

Whatever the issue, blaming won’t solve it, and if conventional wisdom is not able to resolve it for you and your partner, then consider the alternative.

Antonia Ruhl – when everything else fails…

If you’re over 35 and have had regular, unprotected sex for more than a year, and you have seen doctors or countless experts without becoming pregnant, then take heart.


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