Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing - Metaphysical
Modalities which use metaphysical / spiritual means to bring about change in the physical world, such as:

Angel - Clairvoyant - Channeling - Readings - Healing - Laying of Hands - Reiki - spiritual advice

0439 262 247

Ashati Energy Healer & Soul Empowerment Coach

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were to live as your most confident, abundant and empowered self? Melinda helps you reconnect to your true essence and leads you to become a

Integrated health Aus

D r.  J a s o n  M a l l i a Chinese Medicine Practitioner |Naturopath| Integrative Personalised Medicine (Not a GP) Leading Sydney based Integrative Medicine Practitioner Chinese Medic
0416 262 818

Eliza Ball - Bowen Technique - Naturopathy - Sydney

Eliza Ball – Bowen Technique – Naturopathy – Sydney Ba. Sc.; Adv. Dip. Nat, H Med ; Cert 4 Bowen, Nutr, RM Wholistic Health Management Naturopathy – Bowen Technique – Her
0161 818 9466

Luna Holistic School

Luna Holistic Professional Holistic and Alternative Healing and Spiritual home study courses, Worldwide Accreditation. Students may join the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) as

Lyn Craven Naturopath Bowen Therapist

Over 26 years experience in clinical consultations/treatments including Corporate health and wellness. Lyn uses mainly practitioner only products and always formulates herbal medicine for your unique
07 5309 5078 or 0429 335 520

Bridget Cummins Psychic Readings

Bridget Cummins Psychic readings with Bridget  40 years working with spirit using the Tarot and crystal ball to clarify the messages coming through. A reading usually takes about 45 minutes and can b

Chakra Wisdom - Integrated Massage

Chakra Wisdom – Integrated Massage Integrated Massage is my specific therapeutic approach to promoting health and wellbeing that enc encourages the release of accumulated long term stress and te
0448 530 338

Soul Light Institute of Massage and Holistic Healing

Soul Light Institute of Massage and Holistic Healing Service Modalities: Crystal Healing & Massage, Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing, Dowsing for Health & Wellbeing, Sensitive Reso
0403 921 752

Light Axis Healing Sydney and Psychic Readings

Light Axis Healing Sydney and Psychic Readings Available to give you a Healing Session or a Psychic Reading via Email or Phone or Skype. 1 Hour and 2 Hour Healing Sessions. Light Axis Healing helps to
07 32816453

Red Spirit Energy Healing

At Red Spirit Energy Healing is all about restoring your flow. You’re a very complex soul and there are many invisible factors that influence your experience of human life. These are factors tha