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Improve brain/body functioning through movement…
The Feldenkrais Method ®
It offers an enjoyable way to increase ease and pleasure of movement and enhance overall health. During a Feldenkrais ® lesson, participants learn about their habitual patterns of posture and movement, and explore new options for moving that are easier, more pleasurable and more efficient.

The Feldenkrais Method ® is named after its originator, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), who was an engineer, physicist and judo expert. Feldenkrais developed lessons to teach principles of efficient movement. The success of the Feldenkrais Method ® lies in its ability to access the nervous system to organise movements using the entire body, thereby placing less strain on "problem areas" and inviting better use of the system as a whole.

Feldenkrais ® is beneficial for people of all ages - from babies and children to senior citizens. Re-educating our way of moving, the method is effective for repetitive strain injuries, certain spinal problems, improvement in general ease of movement, and the reduction of stress and tension. It has been used following injury or stroke to effect positive change in quality of movement and quality of life. Feldenkrais ® is also employed by actors, musicians, dancers, singers and sportspeople to enhance performance.

The Feldenkrais is taught in two ways:

Awareness Through Movement ® (ATM)

ATM lessons are usually conducted in a group setting. The practitioner verbally guides students through a series of simple, f freeing movement explorations that gradually evolve in complexity. Attention is drawn to the process of each movement and students learn to observe the quality of change in their bodies.

Functional Integration FI

FI lessons are conducted one-on-one. The student sits or lies, comfortably clothed, on a low padded table. The practitioner uses gentle touch and precise handling to highlight habitual patterns of movement, and to communicate new, more functional movement options to the nervous system. The learning is then applied to everyday activities such as sitting, standing, bending and walking.

"To choose life is to choose learning." Moshe Feldenkrais

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The Body Moves with Feldenkrais

The Body Moves with Feldenkrais Feldenkrais lessons that explore comfort and freedom. Learn how to un-do patterns of tension. Move with ease, grace and reduced effort. Movement that engage you to move