Help and FAQ


Our Registry / Directory is fully moderated, we will check everything before we are activating a “Pending New Listing”.

The useNature Registry / Directory offers a unique Listing structure, with an attractive, sensible prices, to support You, the Practitioner or Health Businesses Proprietor  to list your various services.

UseNature has a 2 step registration process:

  1. The First Step determines you Membership level, it  is not visible to the public, it is simply your user account and Membership. You can use your personal name, or a “user name“.
    After you have registered your Membership, you need to log in with your account details; username (email) and your password to create 1 or more listings. – You will receive an email with your log in details.
    (* spam note – fake email addresses will not work)
  2. The Second Step is where you “Add your Listings”.
    If adding more than 1 listing, makes sure to add new details for each new listing you create.
    This is the unique part …. offering different listing possibility for your different sections of business; localities, services, products, events, workshops, classifieds, etc.

    Example 1
    , if you work at 2 different clinics you can have 2 different listings, including different categories.

    Example 2, if you have more than one clinic, shops, etc, even in different states, you can have a listing for each.

    Example 3, if you have a clinic with many different practitioners, you can create a listing for each practitioner, including a profile page and specific categories.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

  1. How do I add a classified?
    You add a listing with your classified text and possible image, and select the Classified Category.
  2. I have have frequent Events, how can I add them without using all my listing allowance?
    Answer: You add a listing with your Event Details and Date, text and image, and select the Classified Category.
    One day after the event, you edit – update the Event Details and Date, that way you can use the same listing over and over.
  3. I can’t find a suitable Category, what can I do?
    Answer: Please contact us, and suggest a suitable category, if it is appropriate, we may be able to add it for you.

  4. How do I find my Dashboard?
    Answer: Look up … Top right hand corner  🙂
  5. How can I submit Articles?
    You email the article to me, and I will add it for you, and link it back to one of your listing’s profile pages.
    Contact me from our contact form, and I will reply with my e-mail address.

Any more questions ?

Please contact us with your questions, thank you .. Dieter L. Editor/Admin

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