Foot Reflex Massage – Reflexology

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Foot Reflex Massage – Reflexology

Who doesn’t like to have their feet massaged? Most people do like it.

A foot massage is relaxing, stimulates circulation, feels good and the best of all, it has a holistic beneficial  effect on you whole body.

Foot Massage has been around for a long time, in fact this  art of healing has been practiced in China for thousands of years.

The correct name for a foot massage  is Reflexology,  the intend is to evoke a reflex reaction within the body. Therefore it is sometimes called Foot Reflex Massage. Zone Therapy is another name associated with Reflexology.

Reflexology is very effective if used by a professional Reflexologist, however it is also a great self help healing technique, which can be used on yourself, as long as you are flexible enough.

The best way of using Self Help Reflexology is to share a Foot Massage or Reflexology Treatment with your Partner.

Learn Reflexology for home use.

The best way to learn home use reflexology is to actually have a reflexology treatment first, and get some  hints and tips from a good practitioner. You may be  also able find some Reflexology Courses or Workshop in your area or online, and learn Reflexology in more depth.

Here is a short and easy to understand online Reflexology Course, click:

Reflexology Course:

Free Self Help Reflexology Online Course

This short course provides you with the basic understanding about Reflexology, explains the massage techniques and a way of how to find the reflex points in relation to the rest of your body.

Starting here:  Reflexology – Foot Reflex Massage

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