Disease Prevention Australia

Disease Prevention and Motivation in Australia

Lot’s of diseases are preventable – what else is new?

How come most of us mere mortals are not motivated enough to prevent diseases?

Take smoking for example, I guess most smokers know that smoking is a health hazard, it’s written on the pack, isn’t it?

Smoking >> Lung Cancer, wow, how much more motivation do you want, but it’s still not enough, people still do smoke. Obviously, lung cancer, which is caused by smoking could be easily prevented.

Weight-problems, not only can it be prevented, it can be successfully treated, and if you see the social ramification, particularly in combination with smoking and heavy drinking, wow again, one wonders.

Most of our “lifestyle” health problems could be prevented, and we wouldn’t have half the problems with overcrowded hospitals, long waiting lists, health insurance cost, etc, etc….

But…… still not enough motivation…. 🙂

Actually, I think it would be cheaper to pay people …

…. to lose weight, stop smoking, and slow down drinking, – than to pay the enormous health cost associated with the health implication of above mentioned health problems.

Back to prevention, with other words, people surely would like to prevent becoming sick, if just they could take a pill for it. You see, people live a busy life and may not or can not be bothered to look after their own health, or to prolong their life, keeping good health.

So, I am talking to you, because you are different, you care, you like to prevent ill health and chronic disease.

I guess, you don’t smoke, don’t drink or only the occasional glass of red wine, (anti-oxidant – that’s my excuse) you are slim and fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

So, what else can you do for prevention?

Here it comes:
Find your weak spots, we all have weaknesses, and they have attached to it – associated diseases.

Knowing those, can help to prevent diseases by strengthening those weak points!

By example > If your dad, your granddad, and maybe even your greatgranddad, all died of a heart attack with 45, you probably have a weakness in that area, and you should make sure, that you are the one who brakes that cycle.

Knowing that, you probably are off to the Doctor, have a few tests, but you are only 30 and everything is OK?

Don’t be fooled, your good Doctor can only treat a disease, and not something which hasn’t caused any signs or symptoms as yet.

With other words, Doctors are waiting for a disease to manifest, before they can treat you.

But you would like to prevent the disease from ever developing, don’t you?

That’s why you go to a Naturopath, they can show and tell you how to strengthen your weak points.

What could your weak points be?

Look at your family history, and avoid diseases and illnesses which seem to run in you family.

But look into your lifestyle as well:

Your lifestyle, hectic, stress, urgency, wrong food, burning the candle on both ends, not enough exercise or maybe too much, attitude, heavy workload, bad diet, not enough sleep, not enough fun ….
the list is endless, and there is always something out of balance, somewhere.

Time to find balance before you fall over, that’s what prevention is.

It’s doing something before you have to…

Here a more tips of what you can do, to prevent disease and stay Fit and Healthy:

  • Have a frequent massage.
    Find a massage practitioner who is well trained in soft and deep tissue massage, but who combines that with a relaxing and lymphatic massage. The resulting benefits will be many.
    Better muscle tone, less tense, more relaxed, better circulation, better lymphatics, better mood and better all over, truly an holistic natural therapy. Some practitioners even come to your house.
  • If massage is not to your liking for prevention, maybe try some of the movement categories, like Feldenkrais Movements –  Tai Chi – Yoga or similar.
  • Diet and Nutrition
    Talking about prevention, we need to talk about Diet and Nutrition
    . A healthy diet is fundamental to good health and disease prevention. But what is a good Diet? Or more important, what is the best suitable diet for you?

    Good question, and one that needs to be answered.
  • To get the answer, read useNature’s general Diet Outline , or even better start at the Health Foundation.

If you have any questions, leave a comment …

thanks, Dieter L. – Editor