Colonic Irrigation safe effective

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Colonic Irrigation is safe and effective

Colon Therapy – Colonic Irrigation – Colon Hydrotherapy

Article by Colon Health Clinic Sydney

Colonic Irrigation is a mild treatment, which has no equal as an internal cleansing process. 
It removes toxins and other burdens of putrefaction from the body, thereby assisting and supporting 
all other forms of natural treatment.

The colon is the most important organ for maintaining good health.

Colonic Irrigation can improve overall health, because if the colon is not functioning properly, neither will any other part of the body.

Colonic Irrigation – Colonic Hydrotherapy has well recognised remedial effects for
lower intestinal problems, constipation and detoxification.

Key Benefit:

No detoxification is effective if the colon is neglected.
Most Natural Therapist will recommend colon hydrotherapy before commencement of detoxification, which would be a prerequisite to any serious or chronic health problems.

However, a chronic disease is certainly no prerequisite for colon irrigation; prevention and maintenance are just as important, if not more…

Feeling Bloated?
Indigestion, wind, flatulence belong all to thisgroup, somehow you feel bloated.

If it is only occasional, it is most likely due to the food you have eaten a few hours before.
My first suggestion is to have a good look at your diet, ask yourself some questions, such as; “after which meal do I get bloated”, which can narrow down the choice of finding the offending food…
Or, cut out the obvious first, had any beans lately?

Chronic bloatedness can be very distressing, still you would have a look at your diet first … but more than likely you would have a bacterial dis-balance, meaning too many of the bad guys, not enough of the good guys. (bacteria)

Colonic irrigation, can give some quick results here, as the bad guys usually thrive on un-digested food and caked up fecal matter which sticks on the colon walls…

We recommend colonic irrigation with Oxygen, the bad bacteria can’t actually survive in an oxygen rich environment, they would die off with colonic irrigation.

After that may be it is the time to supplement your diet with some friendly bacterial culture.
Personally, I recommend for everyone at least once each year, to go through a mild “Detoxification Program”, including prevention techniques and re-establishing intestinal flora, and most of all assist all detoxification with Colonic irrigation.

Talk to your Colon Hydrotherapist about a preventative detoxifiction program…

Article by Colon Health Clinic Sydney


( Recommendation by – Dieter L – useNature Editor )

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