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….. energy centres in the body ……

 by Stephen Canning  

N.D., Dip.Mass., Dip.Bot.Med., Dip.Hom., Cert IV Workplace Train. & Assess., A.N.T.A.B


As well as being physical in nature the physical body has various energetic bodies occupying the same space and also emanating out from it (the Aura) up to 9 metres! These energy bodies vibrate at their own frequency and interweave with each other.

There are 7 energy bodies, starting from the physical body going outward i.e. Physical, Etheric, Emotional (also known as Astral), Mental, Spiritual (also known as Causal), Monadic and Divine. Underlying and supporting every activity of the physical body (e.g. mind, muscular, skeletal, immune system, organ and nervous systems) is an energy system which forms a matrix or blueprint that the body uses to sustain as well as heal itself.

This energy has been given various names such as ‘Prana’, ‘Chi’ and ‘Vital Force’, depending on the culture describing it and this energy connects through channels called nadis which feed into the 7 main energy centres in the body called chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

These main chakras are all connected by major intertwining energy channels up and down the spine, although there are thousands of minor chakra energy points throughout the body (and some major ones outside the body).

The chakras permeate though all the energy bodies, not just the physical body & are focal points for the receiving, accumulation and distribution of the various forms of subtle energies from within and around us and enables them to be utilised by the body. ‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ and they are in constant rotation. This rotation helps activate the energy in the chakra and helps facilitate its distribution to the body parts associated with it. When a specific chakra is not functioning optimally the energy flow is disturbed, and the organ systems and body parts served by that chakra will be affected. This disturbance will show up as symptoms. Our health is ultimately determined by the energy flowing harmoniously through our Chakra system which can become sub-optimal for many reasons.

We all benefit from the positive effects of healthy food, exercise, sunshine, water, a healthy environment, relaxation, meditation and sleep but most importantly positive thoughts, attitudes and a connection with spirit. Optimum chakra energy flow is significantly diminished by negative, limiting or stressful thought patterns and especially the holding on to past resentments, angers and guilts as well excessive worrying about the future. Our Chakra system gives us ideal ‘observation points’ for ‘looking into’ ourselves and observing what ‘lessons’ are here for us to learn right now.

To gain additional insight into how we can evolve in a positive way, we can tap into our own intuition and ask ourselves, “What part did I play in the symptoms coming about in the first place?” If we are taking medicines we can ask ourselves, “What part did I play in needing these medicines.”This is not done to make ourselves feel guilty, we are doing this totake responsibility for where we find ourselves in life right now and to gain insights into ourselves. Some symptoms can also be of genetic, environmental or traumatic origin & even then we can do our best by taking advantage of the fact that we can listen to our body & observe our thought processes as a way of gaining awareness and understanding of ourselves to assist in our healing. Sometimes we may need a medicine on a temporary or long-term basis, and even in these cases we can do our best to have a balanced lifestyle which in some cases will lead to us needing less medicine.

Many therapies and activities can help balance our energy systems and encourage the body and mind to heal plus facilitating clearer self-awareness for positive change. Many therapies also seek and address the underlying causes ofour symptoms so that we ‘learn the lessons’, which usually revolve around changing our outdated and/or unbalanced thought processes (regarding the past, present and future) and improving our lifestyle choices. These therapies include energy balancing sessions, massage, meditation, hypnotherapy, reflexology, dancing, yoga, counselling, spiritual guidance, coaching, music, singing, aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy & being in nature.

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