Chakra Wisdom Chart

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Chakra Wisdom Chart

‘Honouring the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection’
by Stephen Canning N.D., Dip.Mass., Dip.Bot.Med., Dip.Hom., Cert IV Workplace Train. & Assess., A.N.T.A.B.

This chart is designed as a personal growth tool to assist you in consciously moving towards your full potential as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

This chart can assist in the following ways:

  1. To remind you that you can discover many of life’s lessons you are being encouraged to learn by observing the symptoms that appeared in your mind and body and seeing
    if there is a correlation between them and your thoughts, emotions and attitudes;
  2. To remind you that specific unbalanced thought patterns, feelings, emotional responses and lifestyle choices encourage specific symptoms in specific areas of your body;
  3. To learn what part you played in creating the symptoms and learning how to move toward a resolution;
  4. To provide suggestions on how to create balance in the specific energy centre (Chakra) so as to move forward towards your full potential.




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