7 Health and Fitness Tips

16/03/2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fitness,Lifestyle

7 Health and Fitness Tips:

  1. Any exercise is better than no exercise!

    How many articles have you read, that tell you; “Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes or don’t bother”?
    So those of us, not fit enough, or couldn’t be bothered, or didn’t have time to put in 20-30 minutes of exercise, didn’t even start, after all who has 20-30min time in one go to spend on exercise?

    I have often asked myself, surely some exercise must be better than none?

    Moving is better than not moving!
    Why should it be exactly 20 or 30 minutes? Why not 27 or 18 minutes?
    What if there was a power failure while I was on the treadmill, and I had only completed 21 of my 30 minute run? 🙂 ….. Have I just wasted 21 minutes?

    Most of us know about; “use it or lose it”, and most of us don’t mind using it, but not necessary 30mins at a time.

    Apply logic and you realise that something is much better than nothing!

    Results come from getting started and having a go!

    1 min. is better than no min., and the exciting news is; many research studies now show that you can break your exercise up into shorter sessions AND even break them up over the course of the day.

    The results? The fat loss and the amount of energy you burn will be the same as if you completed your exercise in one session.
    Breaking up your exercise sessions has also shown that you will be more likely to stick with your program and more likely to work harder during the shorter session.

    Would it be easier for you to exercise for three sessions of ten minutes each day, rather than 30 minutes all in one go?
    The important thing is simply that you have a go, and have your walk or ride. It may also be easier for you to push harder, if you know you can stop sooner.
    Which way you exercise is up to you. You will get fitness results either way, so choose which method suits your lifestyle.
    Obviously, if you are into exercise or sport in general and aim high, you need to work harder at it.

  2. Not enough time for exercise but watching your favourite TV program?

    Why not combine the two?
    TV’s have become cheap, have one in your gym room and hop onto the treadmill or exercise bike every time your favourite show comes on. Or record your favourite shows and watch them later when you work out. Either way, you will be able to enjoy your program, and you won’t realise you are exercising.
    This works great, especially because you won’t be munching away on your bag of chips while watching telly.

  3. Your dog, as your personal trainer.

    Dogs love to go for walks, and can actually help you get fit or even lose some weight, just like a Personal Trainer.
    Dogs can be very persistent in getting you off your couch. Even if you aren’t in the mood on a rainy day, chances are that your lovable pet just won’t take no for an answer.
    Your pet is also likely to sprint now and then and the faster they run, the more calories you are likely to burn as well. Great for boosting up overall fitness! Best of all walking your dog doesn’t cost anything.
    Next time your “personal trainer” barks at you, you get cracking and have a great workout.

  4. Find out what is working for you:

    Working out at the gym or going for a long walk may not be everybody’s preferred fitness routine. Instead of pushing yourself to do what you really aren’t interested in, why not try something different?
    It’s time to learn a new sport in or get back to one you have loved before. Surely there are enough sporting clubs and activity groups and you will find a sport that will not only get your fitness soaring, but keep your enthusiasm alive as well.
    It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, but participating in an activity that you are interested in will also boost your social circle and keep you fit.
    Now is the time to try something new!
    Remember, if you do what you always do, you get what you always get.
    Don’t like what you are getting? Do something else!

  5. The best and only exercise program is the one you will continue!

  6. If you have problems with your back or similar,

    … you may be excused to say no to exercise. But the fact reminds, exercise can actually help to reduce your back problems.
    The trick is to build muscles and fitness the right way. Focus on exercises that help to strengthen your abdomen and increase overall flexibility.
    You may even try a therapeutic yoga class, the right type of stretches can do wonders for your back. All this will help to improve your posture as well and put lesser strain on your back muscles. Remember, never overdo it, take frequent breaks, listen to your body, and do not get too tired or strain yourself.

  7. Still smoking ?

    Some people decide not to give up smoking, for fear of weight gain.
    Yes it is true that smoking has been associated with an increase in metabolism, after all nicotine is a drug! Interestingly in regards to weight gain and loss, most smokers have been found to be FATTER than non-smokers!
    Why is that?
    Smokers tend to be more unhealthy than non-smokers.
    Smokers are less likely to exercise, because smoking makes it too hard.
    Smokers are less likely to be active, because smoking does not make you feel vital and energetic-especially in the morning.
    Research shows that most smokers are less likely to eat a healthy diet.

    The best and easiest way to give up smoking is to replace it with another habit. Obviously, if you replace your cigarette habit with sweets or any other food habit, you will gain weight.
    BUT … if you replace smoking with the habit of exercise, you have it made!
    Have a 5 min walk or bike ride instead of a cigarette and aim to build it up slowly and easily. Before you realise, you will be fitter, you will be healthier, you will feel better in the morning, and you breath will not frighten anyone away.
    To help it further, have one glass of water instead of a cigarette as well, maybe just before heading out for a walk..

…. and what’s your excuse for not exercising, or an even better question; “What Stops You”?

.. fee free to comment .. doesn’t cost anything 🙂

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