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Article by Red Soil Organics

Environmental Degradation

A direct response to a water supply shut down in Canungra, a small town in South East Qld

( ABC News - Canungra's local water supply shut down without warning )

We all should be taking this as a wake up warning call:

#1... a warning sign for us the people, that we should not be dependant on such a fragile water management system.

#2... that Nature has had enough with mistreatment - its not that there is no water, because about 5 months ago it seemed like it wasn't going to stop raining... but its about how we MANAGE WATER WHEN ITS HERE.

  • Continuing to cut lawns too short and irrigating them, depletes the soil of carbon - disabling the water storage capacity

  • When it rains water sheds off into the drains (which are all designed to get water out of the city ASAP rather than divert it to the landscape and soak it in)

  • Plant drought hardy trees to shade and reduce evaporation and eliminate irrigation.

  • We cannot continue using synthetic NPK fertilisers which strip the Carbon from the soil thus disabling water storage and infiltration - not to mention the poison seeping into our bore water which we drink and the devastation caused to Biology - the foundation of water storage in soils.

  • We cannot continue pesticides, herbicides and fungicides - which destroy the pathways to water storage within the soil and all other building blocks of life - all life has a relationship with water, they are akin.

  • Overgrazing - mismanaged "tourist grazing" of paddocks are just like mowing the lawn too short - Carbon is the keeper of water, the keeper of soil life and the keeper of available nutrients - constant grazing not only strips the soil of all these amazing services but exposes it to excessive evaporation, compacting the soil reducing infiltration and percolation, creating brown muddy rivers..

  • Regenerative grazers right now restoring their land are looking 100x better than conventional farms. - More carbon in the soil - more resilience!

  • We can sit around and play victim to natures great systems or we can receive the warning.. both in our communities to liberate ourselves from a brittle, unreliable system and to also take the warning to contribute to the carbon mission and put it back in the soil, where it belongs.

  • This is not a condition that we have to accept, this is a reality made by humanity's imposed ignorance - its what we do in winter, what we do when the rains are here, which governs the way our summers go.

  • And its what you choose to do Today as an individual which governs the way our future goes.

  • We can pretend we are separate from the world, living in our houses, keeping to our own lives, or we can step outside, look to the stars and ask the real questions, ponder the mind and find a pathway.


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Want to be earth conscious and become active in sustainable living?

What stops you?

Every bit, seen at a global scale, adds up!

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Dieter Lüske

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