About useNature’s independent Opinion Poll

The Use Nature Website for Holistic Practitioners and Health Resources, is one of Australia’s FIRST Online Natural Therapy & Lifestyle Directory, created in 1999 as a personal Naturopathic Web-site, and further developed into the Supportive Holistic Natural Health & Earth Care Information Portal it is today

With constant attacks on Natural Therapies, it has become more important than ever to support Natural Therapies, Active Prevention and a Holistic Natural Health & Earth Care Lifestyle.

To this extend we have added this Naturopath/Herbalist Registry & Opinion Poll platform.

We urge all practitioners to take part in this Opinion Poll.

We also hope we can register and add free listings for ALL practitioners, with the aim to support Natural Practitioners throughout Australia.

We are open for questions and feedback, and we will also publish articles in support of our profession. – Your contribution is invited.

In support of Natural Therapies, Dieter L. – Editor and Admin of useNature

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