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As a Naturopath/Herbalist, are you: FOR Registration with AHPRA?  – AGAINST Registration with AHPRA? – or … are you UNDECIDED?
(AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency )
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Concerns about Registration:

  1. Concerns about restrictions: fastidious accountability that could stifle innovation. Less freedom as healthcare practitioners, highly regulated, being restricted.
  2. Concerns of patients logging complaints if a practitioner uses treatment modalities outside their “registered” modality.
  3. Concerns of general higher cost for additional registration, continuing education, association membership, accreditation and insurance.
  4. Concerns regarding education standards – grandfather clausal – bachelor degree bridging courses and possible restricted curriculum.
  5. Concerns by non-registered practitioners of “elective” modalities that their practices will be eroded, or closed down.
  6. Concerns that Registration will provide an avenue for the “Dob a Colleague In” mentality.
  7. Concerns of No direct benefits for the practitioners.
  8. Concerns that it will isolate Natural Therapies from each other, working against Holistic Principle
    It has to be recognised that modalities considered for Registrations are ONLY
    Naturopaths & Herbalists, which raises concerns for a separation of Natural Therapy Modalities.
  9. It may NOT increase public safety; unaccredited, uneducated so called practitioners, or sales personal in retails shops still can sell supplements or herbal remedies, or advice customers.
  10. Protection of Title? It may make no difference to people who practice without qualification. Accreditation as under the Co- or – Self Regulation system states already that only accredited practitioners are allowed to practice.

NOTE: It has to be noted, that according to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC), regulation (being registered) is “NOT” about recognition of a profession. – It is primarily about protecting the public.

However, the public is already protected by the Code of Ethics for Unregistered Practitioners

Homeopathy by this definition does not need to be registered, as it is deemed safe by the WHO.

For further information please see: Against Statuary Registration

To find out more about Co-Regulation go to: What is Co-Regulation

NOTE: Statutory Registration is suitable for only 2  of the 17 modalities that have been deemed as Not effective by NHMRC –  Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Proponents for Statutory Registration cite the following reasons:

  1. To assure public safety – probably the main reason.
  2. Registration will acknowledge practitioners who have passed uniform, national standards of education and practice requirements, which may make it more difficult for unethical and dangerous operators to practice.
  3. Establishing credibility for Natural Therapy Practitioners of qualifying primary modalities, possibility for Naturopath and Herbalists.
    Credibility will encourage confidence in the professions from both consumers and other health professional groups.
  4. Protection of Title, unregistered practitioners will not be allowed to use “Registered” modality Titles.
  5. Approved unified, national” Bachelor level education”.
  6. Access to a fair, equitable and transparent complaints mechanism for the public.

For further information please see: Pro-Registration Info

The Natural Health Care System is in dire need for new directions and serious improvement of the present Self Regulation System.
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