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What is Bio-resonance Therapy ?

A way to possibly treat allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. by your body’s own Electro-magnetic frequencies.

Many patients feel ill or off-colour but there seems to be no definable cause, while such cases can prove baffling to GPs and many natural health practitioners, however, they present no problems for a Bicom therapist. By using a machine developed in Germany, a therapist can detect a vast range of almost intangible ailments, and even if in the case the cause can not be diagnosed, you can still treat it.

It sounds unlikely medicine but in most cases surprisingly good results are obtained for a wide range of complaints, such as:

skin disease, sinus problems, allergies and food intolerance, chronic fatigue, digestion problems (IBS, Crohn's), hormonal imbalance, viral and fungal infection, joint and muscle pain.

The technique, Bicom Bioresonance Therapy, measures electro-magnetic frequencies, it is a new frontier of medicine, and no daubt the future will present us with many more of these kind of high tech medical treatment devices. In Germany it sits atop many GPs’ desks as well as those of alternative and complementary practitioners. It has been also successfully used for weight loss and to quit smoking.

Groups of cells give off different electro-magnetic frequencies, just like radio waves.

Researchers have measured all kinds of fields around tissues and have ascertained which are healthy and unhealthy frequencies for different of tissues. So if we can change the electro-magnetic frequencies in the person, it will affect their biochemistry, hormones, and metabolism, their whole physiology.

Discovering whether your body is tuned in to the correct channels is very simple, painless and safe.

The bicom therapist makes a circuit through your body: you hold an electrode in one hand while the therapist touches an acupuncture point on you hand or foot with a stylus. Bicom then ‘reads’ your frequencies. By testing different points, the therapist can scan through your body listening to individual organs as well as the various systems of the body-the lymphatic and blood circulation, the nervous systems, the hormonal systems.

Allergies and intolerances can also be detected.

Treatment solution for Allergies and intolerances are rare and far inbetween, Bio-resonance Therapy offers a new and supportive tool.

A bicom practitioner can strengthen or amplify healthy frequencies and play them back into the body, or take the unhealthy frequencies, turn them upside down and play them back. If you play a mirror image of the wave on top of itself, it can cancel itself out and you can neutralize a disturbance. It sounds incredible but in Germany researchers have even ascertained that specific disease have specific frequencies- they can detect the “sound” of say, EBV, Herpes and hepatitis C stored in the liver, and Candida Albicans in the gut.

The bicom system is, above all, an excellent tool in preventive health care. It can tease out all the niggling problems that can compromise your health, and can indicate where you should adjust your diet or strengthen various systems.

As some expert put ‘the beauty of this system is that you can trace problems back to the core, I see the different organs and systems in the body working together as a team. The idea is to get your whole body, the entire team, pulling together’.

Information provided by :

Jeremy Xie - Member of Australia Bio-resonance Practitioner Association and International Institute of Complementary Therapist.


Article compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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