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What is causing Bad Breath?

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What causes bad breath - Halitosis, and how to treat it?

... compiled by Dieter Luske - Brisbane - Qld

Do breath mints help?

All the breath mints, chewing gums or similar lollies that money can buy are obviously no solution to treat bad breath, at most, they may disguise bad breath. The causes of bad breath are not particulary shrouded in secret, we know the exact conditions that create an oral environment in your mouth that is more likely to produce bad breath.

.... and don't get me started on mouth washes, (or anti-bacteria everything chemicals) which are created to kill off bad bacteria, and I am sure it works, unfortunately we are not designed to have a pristine "bacteria free" oral cavity, we need all kinds of bacteria, which in a good environment live positively happy ever after.

With other words, don't kill of the good with the bad.

By overusing all these anti-bacteria products, we create more problems than we solve, combine that with the overuse of antibiotics and we have the perfect scenario for a chemically altered unnatural environment where our natural immune system will not be able to develop.

What causes bad breath?

A common type of bad breath that occurs in 99.9% of the world population, at one time or another, is situational bad breath. It happens when someone activates what is called a "trigger" which causes the oral environment in their mouth to become more likely for the anaerobic bacteria to begin creating the volatile sulphur compounds (VSC's) that cause bad breath.

In scientific terms, when your mouth encounters one of these triggers, it creates an oral environment that encourages the anaerobic bacteria to begin extracting sulphur compounds from specific amino acids.

One amino acid called Cysteine, turns into Hydrogen Sulphide, which has a rotten-egg smell. Another amino acid, Methionine, becomes Methyl Mercaptan which smells sort of like dirty socks.

What are the common bad breath triggers?

They include foods that are high in protein, alcohol, medication with dry mouth side effects, smoking, garlic, onions, coffee, citrus juice, and sugar.

During meal times, you introduce "triggers" to your mouth, such as protein, sugar and alcohol. These triggers make your oral environment very eager to begin creating foul-smelling VSC's (volatile sulphur compounds). The process of producing bad breath has started.

Wouldn't you think that a breath mint would contain ingredients that make this oral environment less likely to happen?

First of all, you need a breath mint that does not contain sugar - your breath mint should NEVER have sugar as an ingredient.

Rather, the ingredient xylitol should be used.

Xylitol is a NATURAL sweetener and has also been proven to have tremendous anti-decay properties.

Next your breath mint should also contain zinc, which inhibits those bad breath producing anaerobic bacteria. Specifically, it blocks the receptors on the anaerobic bacteria so that they don't bind with the amino acids thus preventing the production of VSC's (volatile sulphur compounds), which causes bad breath!

Remember, your breath mint should be free of aspartame, saccharin, and artificial colours or flavours.

The top breath mint fresheners on the market ALL contain either sugar, or an artificial flavour that is designed to cover up rather than prevent bad breath and taste.

What can you do instead?

Have a product made with the help of Xylitol, or chew some parsley, and always brush your teeth after meals and after drinking coffee. But the story doesn't stop here, your bad breath may also be caused, by any kind of "bad" bacteria or even fungal overgrowth, either in your oral cavity, and believe it or not, even in your sinuses. Further more, bad breath may be linked to "bad teeth", but also to stomach and digestive function.

The first step to cure bad breath, is to make a distinction, is the bad breath caused by food you just have consumed, or is it a deeper more permanent problem which needs further attention.

If your bad breath falls into the second category, make an appointment to see a Naturopath and work out your digestion and your diet, as sometime even food combination may further complicated the bad breath picture.


and try a Naturopath to treat Bad Breath .....

*Ref; Dr. H. Katz

Article supplied by the editor of use Nature - Dieter Luske

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