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useNature's 'budget' self-managed Web-site Package

..... helping 'praccies' get online, ...

Website design and set up offer for holistic practitioners and artists.

It can be daunting for a novice to set up a self-managed web-site.

That's where useNature comes in, we set up everything for you, and you take over managing your site after the basic set up is completed. No coding skill or extra software required.

Invest into your own stand alone Web-site - Included:

  1. One year Web-Hosting & your own Domain Name registered, eg;
    or bring your own domain name. ( $15.00 discount will be applied)

  2. Installation, initial set up, customisation of WP- Design Template Theme and Plug ins

  3. Contact Form / Spam Control

  4. E-mail accounts and e-mail forwarders.

  5. Support with initial guidance of how to manage, update and develop your web-site.

The package price consists of:

  • Hosting - domain registration - e-mail account - ongoing support: $210.00

  • Plus ... initial set-up fee and customising: $240

  • Initial fee for one year, all included: $450

  • ... thereafter ... annually $210

Note: Existing or approved clients may pay by installments.

Included within this package:

  1. Free expert listings and adverts on

  2. Free marketing posts on useNature's facebook page.

  3. Free Plug in installations.

  4. Free support service - ongoing support.

  5. Free extra pages set up, for 'code of ethics' and 'complaint' guidelines, a requirement for unregistered practitioners.

  6. Free instruction meeting for locals, (Gold Coast) .. or anyone willing to travel and vist our office. :-)

  7. Free marketing advice, if needed .... .

Enquire/Book your website today, contact Dieter L. Editor; Naturopath; Webdeveloper

... or send a private message -

Web-site samples:

Health News Blog - Active Prevention ( combination web-site/Blog )

... created as a sample for a well functioning mobile responsive web-site - blog or combination.

A web-site is most often defined by the header and other images ...

Our service includes optimising your very own images into your web-site design.

Customisation, includes creating header, sliders, category boxes and other design features.

More samples soon ...

We also offer industry related managed web-sites and designs:

A managed web-site means; 'we do all the work including your up-dates'. Managed web-sites are more expensive, plus regularly up-date fees...

See some of useNature's managed web-sites below:

YOGA ALLIANCE® - INTERNATIONAL - Registry of Yoga Teachers and Schools -
.. also includes: Yoga Alliance Directory
Homeopathic Centre - Melbourne -
Geelong Homeopathic Health Centre  -
Berris Burgoyne - Naturopath -
Gallery Giselle - Art Studio - Learn to draw or paint in an art inspired, creative atmosphere -
Universal Astrology - Maggie Kerr -
Your Health Matters - Natural Health Care and Integrative Medicine -
Counsellor and Coach, Silvia Camastral -
Counsellor & Life Coach, Eileen Clark -
.... and many more ..

useNature sponsored Support web-site:

Natural Medicine Alliance Australia - Campaigning for a better health-care system -

Supporting and uniting Natural Therapies.

Enquire/Book your website today, contact Dieter L. Editor; Naturopath; Webdeveloper


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