Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
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Indian Board of Alternative Medicine

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine is an internationally recognized, Government registered institution of alternative medicines. Provides diploma, degree and postgraduate degree programs through correspondence in health and alternative medicine.

The Board conducts the following list of correspondence courses on alternative medicine:

Diploma Courses

Bachelor Degree Programs

Postgraduate / Doctorate Courses:

Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (ND/NMD)
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD)
Doctor of Holistic Medicine (HMD)
Postgraduate Diploma Course in Alternative Medicine (PGDAM)
Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine MD(AM)
Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines PhD(AM)
Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines DSc(AM).

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An internationally recognized, Govt registered institution of alternative medicine. Provides diploma and degree programs through correspondence. Kolkata 700020