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Natural Therapies for Kidney Disease - Renal Disease Treatment Suggestions

What is Kidney Disease (Renal Disease) ?

Kidney Disease which is classified as Chronic Kidney Disease develops slowly over years with no specific symptoms to start with and it may slowly progress to permanent loss of kidney function. This insidious often unnoticed slow onset indicates the need for awareness and early detection.

 Up to 75% of kidney damage may have occurred before the patient develops overt symptoms.

As the kidneys are responsible for clearing toxins from the body in urine, kidney failure eventually leads to systemic toxicity and oedema. Most individuals in the final end-stage of kidney disease require dialysis or kidney transplantation to survive.

People at a higher risk of Kidney Disease need to be screened early and regularly to prevent damage and to adopt a suitable healthy lifestyle.

Risk factors:

Family history of kidney disease - Diabetics - Hypertension - Kidney stones or other blockages such as scarring - Overuse of painkillers - Drug abuse - Obesity - Age; (50 >) Kidney function reduces with advancing age - Smoking - Other serious diseases.


Kidney stones can develop anywhere in the urinary tract or kidneys. They are a common cause of pain, obstruction and secondary infections of the urinary tract.

Kidney Stones should not be confused with Kidney disease, but chronic Kidney stones and frequent obstructions may lead to Kidney disease.

Risk factors for Stone formation are: High phosphorus diet, Bone loss, lots of Soft drinks, High meat intake,
high intake of calcium, oxalate or purines, elevated urinary calcium excretion. Analysis of Kidney stones can show possible causative factors.


Natural Therapy and Lifestyle:

If Kidney disease can be detected early enough, it can be slowed down and possibly even prevented.

Lifestyle and Diet changes are at the forefront of preventative changes.

Keeping a healthy weight, and definitely avoid salt and sodium rich food to prevent fluid retention, and relevant diet restriction to prevent Kidney stones. 

Most or probably all "processed food" contains salt, therefore avoid:

Processed Meats, cheese, pickles, sauces, canned beans, salted nuts and snacks, breads, crackers, most breakfast cereals, canned soups, instant noodles, deserts, most sauces and condiments. Avoid all refined, convenience “fast” foods, and antacids, laxatives and cough medicines.

Reduce potassium: Avoid bananas, potatoes, nuts, avocados, peaches, dried fruits.

In addition, for people with diabetic a low glyceamic load diet should be adopted.

Light but regular exercise is recommended, walking and yoga would be a good routine.

Natural Therapies and nutritional supplements have been shown to either improve Kidney function or decrease the toxic clearing load on the Kidneys. - Many Herbs and supplements such as CoQ10, Fish oils and other natural anti-inflammatory may be of help. Vit D levels should be tested and supplemented if low .

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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.