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Natural Therapies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Spastic Colon Treatment Suggestions

What is Irritable bowel syndrome?

There is no easy answer, particularly not, because in most cases, nothing is seen in a routine clinical medical test.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be classified as a functional bowel disorder, with abdominal pain and changes in bowel habits due to hard define irritations ( physical and stress). It can be a very devastating disorder, making normal life very hard.

IBS can be differentiated into 3 domineering symptom groups:

1. Frequent - unspecific diarrhoea

2. Medium or Chronic constipation

3. Unpredictable stool pattern behaviour, alternating between constipation - diarrhoea and some good days.

IBS often starts in young adulthood, and is a major cause of lost work or school time and affects twice as many women as men.

IBS diagnosis requires at least 3 month out of 12, of abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhoea/constipation, which can not be associated with any other digestive tract disease. 

IBS symptoms are generated from abnormal or spasmodic peristaltic contractions. The unpredicted propulsion that results can cause sudden, explosive elimination of stools, or can delay any elimination. 

Major causative symptoms are: Chronic stress, worries, anxieties and depression, which can trigger attacks.

Eating in general can cause immediate need for a bowel movement.

Specific foods can trigger or can aggravate the condition.

Be aware of possible allergies, high-fat meals, wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, possible harsh irritating foods, spices, as well as drinks containing caffeine or alcohol or too much sugar.

Natural Treatment is aimed at normalising the condition. The patient needs to adopt a healthy type of lifestyle, not only in regards to eating or drinking, but also in reducing stress and learning techniques to stay calm and composed.

A specific diet, focused on the individual, has to be implemented for the long term.

Removal of all known food allergens, sensitivities and irritants is vital. Common allergies are dairy, wheat, corn, peanuts, citrus, soy, eggs, fish, tomatoes. Other foods and beverages to be avoided include red meat, pork, all fried foods, dairy, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages and artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

Nutritional supplements have been proven very effective, which has resulted in special IBS Pro-biotic Formulas being on the market. Soluble Fibre supplementation and herbs such as Slippery Elm helps reduce abdominal pain, cramping, and gas. Herbal teas such as Peppermint for digestion and Chamomile for pain, cramps and soothing are also effective.

Stress reduction techniques are important, meditation, hypnosis, counselling and regular exercise, such as Yoga, or walking.

Finally, you may want to talk to your health care practitioner about a colon cleanse. Many people believe that when combined with soothing and stimulating herbs, fiber can help sweep out the digestive tract of waste and toxins; promoting healthy and regular digestion.

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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.

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New Beginnings Homeopath
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Jo is a classically trained Homeopath who has a keen interest in gut health, autoimmune diseases and women's health. Jo uses QRA alongside homeopathy to create a personal treatment plan for each patient.
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