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Natural Therapies for Fibromyalgia - Support &  Treatment Suggestions

What is Fibromyalgia ?

Fibromyalgia is one of these hard to define diseases, which can manifest with a multitude of debilitating symptoms. One of the main symptom is muscular associated pain, similar to rheumatic disorders but affecting mainly the areas of tendon insertions and adjacent soft tissue structures.

The muscle pain, tenderness and stiffness characteristic of this disorder are usually non-inflammatory, and often present with anxieties and sleeplessness.

To recognise and diagnose fibromyalgia one has to look for three groups of symptoms :

  1. Widespread musculoskeletal pain, which can be considered chronic ( 3months ) with no other evidence of arthritic type inflammation or muscle abnormalities or injuries.
  2. Sleep problems, especially missing deep sleep patterns, causing physical and mental fatigue - (hard to concentrate).
  3. Multiple tender points all over the body, which are tender on firm touch or applied pressure.

This is not an easy disease to diagnose, which is often another traumatic part of the difficulties the patient is experiencing. Rheumatologists who specialise in musculoskeletal diseases and experience in treating fibromyalgia may be the best to make an accurate diagnosis.

Despite the inability of science to pinpoint the exact cause of the disease, there are many research studies that have shown sufferers from fibromyalgia have exaggerated responses to stress and may even carry a genetic predisposition to the disorder.

Treatment is nonspecific, and usually concentrates on pain control, analgesics and often anti-depressants.

Natural Therapy has a lot to offer for Fibromyalgia sufferers. The whole holistic philosophy behind Natural Therapy is very much more suitable to treat Fibromyalgia than a medical wait and see, and treat some symptoms approach. The strength of Natural Medicine is the ability to apply treatment and lifestyle advice to enhance general health, a fact not often considered by the medical establishment.

Once a multitude of associated causative negative health factors have been treated and eliminated the patient feels much more in control with a more positive attitude and improved energy and pain levels.

A variety of treatments can be applied and learned by the patient as well, such as Meditation or Self Hypnosis for pain, sleep and energy management. Diet is crucial, allergies and hypersensitivities need to be addressed. The right exercise and rest combination needs to be advised. Progress to be planned needs to be in baby steps to eliminate backlashes from an overworked system. This is not just a physical ailment, because of the stress, confusion, fatigue and un-ability at times to concentrate, the mind symptoms need to be addressed accordingly. Constant positive affirmation by family and friends are essential.

Nutritional supplements are of great help, Magnesium plays an important part. Even so, Fibromyalgia is not an aggressive inflammatory disease, fish oils supplements have been reported to be of benefit as well.

Coenzyme Q10 may be of help, and B12 levels should be tested for, as it has been shown to be often at low levels.

Recommended dosages of Vitamin or Minerals are not always appropriate a measure for people who due to illness, may have greater needs. It's obvious that in times of stress, pain and possible inflammation our system needs higher supplies of vital nutrients.

Consistent and regular massage is very effective.

Obvious detrimental habits need to be stopped, esp if it comes to smoking, drinking, junk food, caffeine drinks, high sugar consumption and being overweight.

Certain causative factors may have triggered the onset of Fibromyalgia, and the same factors, may be considered as risk factors of prolonging or making symptoms worse, such as:
Excessive stress - Stimulant drugs, including coffee - nerve or muscle injuries - low thyroid function - past diseases and viral or bacterial infections.

Fibromyalgia is more common in woman, and very rare in men. Low oestrogen levels could be another causative factor.

Stress is a major causative factor and needs to be eliminated or counteracted. That's why Mind-body techniques are particularly helpful in reducing symptoms and minimising exacerbations.

Tai chi, yoga, and gentle exercise can help with depression and/or anxiety, as well as improve coping skills, sleep, and sense of well-being.

Art Therapy is another great adjunct to natural or self-help therapy. Creative activities will slow down an over-reactive left side brain activity and switch to a more right side brain activity which is stimulating a regenerative alpha brain wave. This action can be even further enhanced with relaxation - alpha type music CD's.

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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.

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