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Natural Therapies for problems associated with the Gastrointestinal Tract ( GIT )

Digestive Problems - Digestive Tract

Which body parts belong to the Gastrointestinal Tract?

Everything in-between the mouth to the anus; the stomach, small and large intestines, colon and rectum.

Problems are caused mainly by Diet, Allergies, Food Hypersensitiveness, Stress and bad eating habits.

Diseases and problems range from heartburn to colon cancer. Typical symptoms like indigestions are not really a disease, more a general term that refers to upper digestive discomfort, which is usually caused eating specific foods, eating too fast, too much and under stress.

See below some of the Expert Natural Therapists who specialise in Digestive Tract Problems of any kind.

Alternatively, select a practitioner from any suitable category in your State or City.

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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.

Amazonia Health - Naturopathic Clinic Profile | Email | Website
Amazonia Health - Naturopathic Clinic Caterina Morrison BHSc
Naturopath - Nutritionist - Herbalist
Kinesiology (Touch for Health)
Neuro Linguistic Programming - Emotional Freedom Technique Homeopathy - Iridology - Flower Essences - Aromatherapy
Reiki - Massage
Empowered Women Health Retreats
Business and Personal Coaching availble

Private Health Rebates/Hi Caps Available
Great Ocean Road
Apollo Bay
Australia 3233
0419 597 913
Claudette Wadsworth Profile | Email | Website
Claudette Wadsworth Qualified Naturopath

Natural Fertility Specialist
ThetaHealing Practitioner
40 Grosvenor Street
Bondi Junction
Australia 2022
(02) 9389 3689
Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre Profile | Email | Website
Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Western herbal medicine, Remedial massage & therapeutic herbal products. Specialists in Woman's Health & Musculoskeletal Problems. Shop 7, 1147 Grose Vale Rd
Kurrajong Village
Australia 2758
+61 2 4573 0784
Lyn Craven Profile | Email | Website
Lyn Craven Lyn Craven - ND. DMH. DRM. DBT. DPT. Reg. Trainer Cert IV
Specialising in all Female Health & Reproductive Disorders, Digestive/Bowel problems, Chronic Backache, RSI, carpel tunnel,
Stress management, Natural healthy vision and support for Glaucoma
Corporate Health Consultant - Naturopath
Advanced Bowen Therapist, Reiki/Energy Practitioner
Meditation Facilitator & Freelance writer.
Bondi - Sydney
Australia 2000
0403 231 804
Solutions To Health Profile | Email | Website
Solutions To Health Fertility Solutions - Health Solutions - Natural Solutions
Naturopathy, Homoeopathy & Herbal Medicine - Women's Health, Infertility, Optimising fertility, High FSH levels, Recurrent miscarriage, Sex selection
Preconception, pregnancy and post natal care
Hormonal imbalances,
PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Period pain, Menopause
Male infertility, IUI and IVF support.
13 Burton Street
Australia 2031
(02) 9398 8052
Unconditionally Loved Profile | Email | Website
Unconditionally Loved USE SLEEPTALK FOR:
Bed-Wetting, Sibling Rivalry, Hyperactivity, Sleep Issues, Appetite, Bullying, Co-Operation, Aggression, Confidence, Trauma and many more behavioural and emotional issues, including some on the Autism Spectrum.

Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant.
Non-invasive, safe and fast process.
Proven effectiveness over 40 years around the world.
20 Grandview Rd
Box Hill South
Australia 3128
0421 977 193
TLC Health Profile | Email | Website
TLC Health Merrideth is a Registered Nurse and Certified Colon Hydro-therapist.
At TLC Health we use the latest state of the art German Colon Hydromat technology and single use disposable equipment.
This closed system of colon hydrotherapy provides the ultimate in
hygiene, comfort and safety for our clients peace of mind.
Member of GPACT and ACHSA
Peel Street Tamworth
Australia 2340
0407 255 165 or 02 6766 1060