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Natural Therapies for Constipation - Adult Constipation Treatment Suggestions

What is Constipation?

I am sure, we all know what constipation is, however, it is interesting to hear the different interpretation of "some people".

Some people only ever empty their bowls every 2 to 3 days, but they say they are not constipated.

Other people people think if they miss one day, they are constipated.

Constipation includes a number of symptoms and is present if the following symptoms persist for longer than 3 month.

Less than 3 bowel movements per week - Straining during defecation - Lumpy or hard stools - Sensation of Obstruction.

Severe Constipation is less than one stool per week or no bowel movement possible without the help of a laxative.

One bowel movement a day is most common, however it is seen in less than 50% of people.

General constipation is caused by slow moving stool through the colon, which causes all fluid to be absorbed leaving a hard dry stool.

There are many other causes for constipation, the most obvious is diet and low fiber food, and most people will have experienced a short bout of constipation or hard movement at some time. Other causes are; medication, stress and poor bowel habit like bowel deafness, where, because of time constrains, a person is not going to the toilette, if that becomes a a habit it will lead to constipation.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can also be a cause of Medium or Chronic constipation, esp if it alternates with diarrhoea.

Major medical cause are:

Medication such as codeine, anti-depressives, anticonvulsant;

Diseases such as, Hormonal Disorders, Diabetes, Cancer/tumours, Parkinson's, Spinal cord injuries and others...

Constipation may occur at any age, but it is more frequent in infancy and old age.

Most cases which can easily be treated with a Natural approach, result from changes in diet or physical inactivity and inadequate fluid intake, or mild psychological factors of stress and possible depression.

Natural Treatment is aimed at normalising the condition. The patient needs to adopt a healthy type of lifestyle, not only in regards to eating or drinking, but also in reducing stress and learning supportive toilette habits. Physical activity is important, just remember; no movements without movements. If you have an office job, it may be advisable to do some regularly exercise, yoga could be the right way to go.

A high fiber diet, focused on the individual, has to be implemented for the long term.

Non-habit herbal laxative are another form or Natural Treatment, but have to be combined with above measures. Friendly bacteria, pro-biotics work well, so does herbal fiber. Many other diet habits can help with constipation, like adding  some prunes to your morning muslie.

Colonic Irrigation is particular useful to loosen impacted stool and for  re-education the colon.

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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.

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