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Natural Therapies for Anxiety - Panic Disorders  - Treatment Suggestions

What is an Anxiety ?

Feelings of anxiety, tell you in a very uncomfortable way about an uncertainty you have in yourself. This uncertainty could stem from fear, danger, doubt, insufficient knowledge, negative visual mind images about yourself, and just about anything else. It can be known or unknown - conscious or in your subconscious mind. It almost always has something to do with some kind of stress input, and one very basic approach to an anxiety, is learning to be better prepared in the future.
Anxiety is not just all in your mind either, a holistic approach is always needed, and brain chemistry, diet, allergies, inflammation and general stress can be part of the cause.

Anxiety is usually aggravated or even started by other inside or out-side factors, such as blood glucose levels, alcohol, menstruation, menopausal symptoms, mental stress, emotional changes, performance anxiety, and many more.

Anxiety Symptoms are commonly describe as >> feeling of fear, worry and apprehension, confusion, with physical sign of short breath, palpitation, racing pulse, and other uncomfortable physical sensations.

Anxiety seems to become more common, it may be associated to the faster pace we are living in. It can be a self-limited physiologic response to a stressor, or it can persist and result in debilitating emotions. When pathologic, it can lead to illness such as depression.

Anxiety is what could be called, a fast emotion, and self help would include slowing yourself down, in thinking and physical behaviour and telling yourself, that you are OK in your present situation. ( Interestingly, you only can feel an anxiety if you are OK, if you wouldn't be OK, you would feel something else) See articles on self-help-anxiety .

The first most obvious step is to go off >> coffee, cola and other caffeinated drinks, even tea, and no sugar .. see the sugar addiction article.

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Angel Wings Healing Profile | Email | Website
Stress - Relationship Issues - Trauma - Grief - Challenging Child - Depression - Anxiety - Phobias - Stop Smoking - Confidence.

With Energy Healing, Mind/Body Work, Hypnotherapy & more, I can help you smash through the fears, frustrations, blockages and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.
Sessions in person or via Skype or phone.
Also Accredited Goulding SLEEPTALK Consultant.
20 Grandview Road
Box Hill South
Australia 3128
03 9888 0138
Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre Profile | Email | Website
Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Western herbal medicine, Remedial massage & therapeutic herbal products. Specialists in Woman's Health & Musculoskeletal Problems. Shop 7, 1147 Grose Vale Rd
Kurrajong Village
Australia 2758
+61 2 4573 0784
Light Axis Healing Sydney and Psychic Readings Profile | Email | Website
Light Axis Healing Sydney and Psychic Readings We are Available Today to give you a Healing Session or a Psychic Reading via Email or Phone or Skype.

1 Hour and 2 Hour Healing Sessions. Light Axis Healing helps to heal emotional and physical disease and illness.

15 Minute and 30 Minute Psychic Readings. Affordable Prices. Questions Answered. Future, Love, Finances and Travel. Find out which path to take to get to the future that you want.
0403 921 752
Australia 2000
0403 921 752
Unconditionally Loved Profile | Email | Website
Unconditionally Loved USE SLEEPTALK FOR:
Bed-Wetting, Sibling Rivalry, Hyperactivity, Sleep Issues, Appetite, Bullying, Co-Operation, Aggression, Confidence, Trauma and many more behavioural and emotional issues, including some on the Autism Spectrum.

Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant.
Non-invasive, safe and fast process.
Proven effectiveness over 40 years around the world.
20 Grandview Rd
Box Hill South
Australia 3128
0421 977 193