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Hi Dieter

I hope you are well and life is being kind to you. I must tell you that your directory is the best performing directory, the only one that actually works. Thank you for being there for us, manufacturers like me. I got 102 referrals from usenature this month.
Thank you for your continual support. Please let me know when you are in Bangalow next time, we never did have that cup of coffee.
With warmest regards,
Jenny Simon, - Byron Nature’s Gift - Aromatherapy Skin Care



Hi Dieter,
Thank you so much for your easy to follow instructions...I did not know how to add my web site address, but it was so easy to do thanks to your guidance.
Dianne - Holistic Fusion -



Hi Dieter ... I absolutely love your Newsletter.

Read Julianna's column in




Hi Dieter, thanks, I'm pleased about that. Your website is a really useful one - I am quite impressed.

Regards, David Senior Psychologist - Australian Psychology Solutions


Thanks Dieter. I notice that I get several hits every week from usenature, more than I ever got from naturaltherapypages. Your optimisation is clearly very good, a great service!

Sandy Kumskov

Hi Dieter
I'm having a fantastic response to my least 1 phone call a day and usually a booking with I think that's quite impressive....I got 2 emails on the first day of the listing...and since then a call a day...I'm now booked out a week ahead, and have a cancellation list...pretty good for a business only 6 months old with very little advertising...word of mouth of course is a great form of advertising as well.
thanks Tanya....
Therapist - Tanya Gwizdalla -Colon Hydrotherapy



Dieter, thank you for the prompt service, and your expertise. It is sites like yours that really make life easy for everybody. Just recently I was going over my website stats and you will be happy to know that your site is definitely up there with google. The good thing about your site is that the more people your site reaches the more people I get to help and x that by all the other practitioners you advertise for, Dieter you are doing a worldly service.

Keep up the good work.
kind regards
Scott Cansdell Back on your Feet
Ground Floor - 139 Macquarie Street - Sydney NSW


Hi Dieter, I wanted to say how much I love my ad listing with you. I get lot of hits coming from this ad and will definitely be continuing this ad.
Sally Carr
Baby Eco - certified organic cotton baby clothing


Dear Dieter, WOW - your website is a real hit!!! I have my natural healing business listed on your website for the Sunshine Coast.
I just want to thank you for the opportunity to list my business on your free listings page... In the past couple of months I have received numerous phone calls to my business and most of them saw my details on your website... Is the free listings page the only area I am able to place my details or do you have a paid advertising section also?? 
Could you please forward me any relevant details for perusal - I'm wrapped!!! Many light blessings to you
Sonja RMT - Usui, Seichim and Sacred Flame

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