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UseNature's Product Reviews and Product Testing:

UseNature is accepting Products - Services - Health Retreats to be tested or evaluated.

Test results or evaluation will be published on the useNature Directory.
For more information please contact the Administration / Editor > Dieter L.



Beauty Product & Equipment Testing - test results - read more


Be part of useNature's Research Projects

We have started to publish relevant information on various topics.


At present, these following topics have been suggested by visitor to the directory.


Please feel free to suggest your favourite topics and relevant articles or papers.


Projects in progress and future projects are:
... you still can add articles to any of those projects, all projects are ongoing, with new information or research to be published on a regular basis.

  1. Coconut Products - We do recommend Organic Virgin Coconut Oil/Butter
    see our report >> Coconut Health Benefits

  2. Beauty Product Testing

  3. Meditation Course - Meditation Project - articles to learn about meditation

  4. The Prostate Health Option Project - Prostate Health and Men's Health

  5. Reflexology Course - Foot Massage - - - a FREE Self Help Project

  6. Kindness Project

  7. 1000 Good Habits Project

More Project up-dates please see >> Health News

  • UseNature would like to hear from anyone about outstanding products and successful treatment, eg.;
    which products or supplements are working,
    which treatment methods are working
    which equipment is working - eg .. Bio Resonance - Rife machine -

We are calling on all natural healers - Chiropractors - Acupuncturist - Naturopath - Hypnotists - Allergy specialists ... actually..... anyone.


We will publish all relevant material. - contact us -

see our useNature Magazine


Articles for Health & Lifestyle Categories for people with a healthy attitude to life!


Health Retreats & Health Resorts :

improving health and lifestyle - Providing multimodaltiy natural therapies and information for mind, body and spirit.

At a Health Resort or Retreat, one can expect to find all kinds of Health and Beauty Services, catering for your physical being as well as your mind and spirit.

Most Retreats offer workshops and seminars from cooking to yoga and everything inbetween.

Lifestyle Info and Magazines : to improve or support health and lifestyle

Natural Hormone Products : Are natural hormone products better ?

UseNature would like to hear form anyone about successful treatment, eg.;
which supplements are working, which treatment methods are working
which medical type of equipment is working? - contact us -

Organic Gardening, Sustainable Gardens, Landscape Design, Permaculture,

Organic Wine : Organically grown and produced - certified


Organic and free of preservative wines are unfortunatly hard to find.

We at useNature urge every Organic - Biodynamic wine grower to apply at least for a free lisitng.

( see here )

New Zealand - Products

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Qi ( chi ) Beauty - The worlds first anti-ageing patch system

Qi ( chi ) Beauty
The worlds first
anti-ageing patch system using the most powerful acupuncture points and magnetic energy to revitalise your skin....
.... as seen on
" A Current Affair "
Please visit our


Alchemix Recording Studios

Recording Studios
Sound Production
made easy !

Composition Services
Voice Over's - Jingles Audio Book Narration
New Age Music CD's

National CD Releases
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