Lyn Craven

Naturopath & Bowen Therapist (non manipulative bodywork) Food/Enzyme Therapist Reiki/Seichim Energy Practitioner & Teacher Meditation Facilitator, Writer Nationally Recognised Workplace Trainer Cert IV Corporate Health Consultant/Presenter - Wellness Days, Expos & Stress Management.

Catering for on-site Naturopathic Consultations for your Staff Consultations will include dietary and lifestyle assessments.

During a consultation you may be required to take mineral/vitamin supplements, or herbal/homoeopathic remedies. Please bring any pharmaceutical medication with you.

Specialising in women's health, gastrointestinal disorders, Reactive hypoglycemia, RSI, backache, carpel tunnel syndrome, stress management.

All health disorders are treated.

Allergy tests, live blood screening and clot retraction tests can be arranged.

Hair analysis testing arranged for you to look at at mineral deficiencies including toxic substances that could reside in the body. Functional lab tests are also available if required.

Quit Smoking now! Let integrated natural remedies help you. Successful results with use of specific homoeopathic remedies and using stress management techniques. Aside from the benefits of improved health, energy and well being you will also save so much money by giving up smoking! Many people never consider what the weekly cost amounts to over a year.


Neuroprotective therapy for support of people with open angle glaucoma (OAG).

This therapy is extremely helpful and can be used instead of pharmaceutical medications quite effectively, however it appears to be more effective in those who are newly diagnosed and are patient with taking several remedies. 

The therapy is combined with acupuncture so you will be receiving acupuncture by a trained TCM practitioner whilst following my program. 

This must be followed to a T on a daily basis to gain results you require.

You will need to take several remedies for many years. 

Remember, Glaucoma is something that is treated for life with pharmaceutical medications.

However, my proven research over many months as shown me how toxic these eye drops are and one brand had 32 petrochemicals in it creating systemic reactions with the entire metabolism along with direct inflammation to eye tissue. 

Please email me or call if you would like to commence support.

Appointments can be arranged and first one would take 1.5 hours for a thorough case history.  Follow ups 1 hour. or 0403 231 804 between 12 noon and 7pm Monday - Thursday and Saturday

Check it out for yourself and see how good you will feel.

Meditation CD - Journey of Light & Garden of Your Heart as presented on Bondi FM Radio. Cost A$29.95 + registered mail P7P $6.50 anywhere in Australia.

Helps with releasing stress, anxiety, improve confidence and self esteem, instill a positive outlook, experience deep relaxation and restful sleep, excellent feedback from people experiencing insomnia. 

Contact me to arrange purchase online or via mail.

See my website for further information on workshops and corporate health

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Brain Power Foods for Success!


CERTIFIED QUALIFIED - HHCP - Holistic Health Care Practitioner


Certified by useNature
Holistic Health Care Practitioner™


Reg. Trainer Cert IV

Member ATMS 4693



Lyn Craven Profile | Email | Website
Lyn Craven Lyn Craven - ND. DMH. DRM. DBT. DPT. Reg. Trainer Cert IV
Specialising in all Female Health & Reproductive Disorders, Digestive/Bowel problems, Chronic Backache, RSI, carpel tunnel,
Stress management, Natural healthy vision and support for Glaucoma
Corporate Health Consultant - Naturopath
Advanced Bowen Therapist, Reiki/Energy Practitioner
Meditation Facilitator & Freelance writer.
Bondi - Sydney
Australia 2000
0403 231 804


Sydney, Bondi - Sydney, 2000, NSW, australia
Lyn Craven


0403 231 804


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