Susan Deeley

Susan Deeley is a university qualified Naturopath with 17 years in the profession, so you know you are in safe, competent hands. 

She loves to support people in developing Vitality, Joy, Resilience and Self Care in a safe, caring environment. 

Susan works with children, teens and adults, with everyday family health issues as well as older people who wish to use natural medicine and lifestyle tweaks to enjoy their later years with energy and vitality. 

Many people nowadays have issues related to stress and overwhelm, including anxiety, depression, exhaustion, insomnia, as well as grief and trauma. Susan uses various methods to support clients to develop healing strategies, as well as using herbs and nutritional approaches. 

Also, auto-immune conditions are in epidemic propertions in our communities, as well as chronic, resistant infectious conditions such as Lyme and Lyme-like illnesses, Epstein Barr and Herpes, and other diseases. These often do not respond well to a modern medical, one pill approach, and need a multifaceted approach with herbs, lifeststyle strategies as well as diet and nutritional support. 

Susan is passionate about helping people enjoy vitality and resilience to stress and infections, and this includes both older people with chronic diseases they wish to manage with a wholistic approach, as well as children and teenagers with poor immunity, stress and anxiety and related conditions. 

Susan works from two clinics however she also gives Skype Consults internationally. 

Hamilton Hill, near Fremantle WA,

and Natureco, a multi Modality clinic in East Vic Park, WA.

Health Fund Rebates available for face to face consults. 

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Susan Deeley   Naturopath I support you in developing Vitality, Joy, Resilience & Self Care in a safe, caring environment.
My special interests are:
Mental Health & Wellbeing - Chronic Infections (incl.EBV, Lyme) & Auto-Immunity. Mystery Illnesses. Healthy Ageing & Prevention. Menopause. Digestive Issues. Weight Management.

Skype consultations available. - Health Fund Rebates available.
24 Oldridge St
Hamilton Hill
Australia 6163


24 Oldridge St, Hamilton Hill, 6163, WA, australia
Susan Deeley Naturopath




Soothing Anxiety and Stress with Herbs