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Naturopathy uses the healing power of the mind, traditional herbs and plants, foods and nutrients to allow the body to heal itself.

“But first, we do no harm” -Hippocrates

Science has allowed us to understand how to correct the internal terrain on an individual level using natural medicines perfectly selected to suit the individual.

Marrying natural plant, herb, mineral, homeopathic and and nutritional medicines, is an extremely effective way to achieve successful treatments and I am  continually involved in the ongoing education and knowledge applied to the biochemistry of our bodies.


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Next Workshop: Advanced Heavy Metal Assessment

What you will learn:

  • Which are the BEST Heavy metal Urine, Hair and Stool tests?

  • Detoxification and chelation schedules

  • How to read and Interpret comprehensive Heavy Metal testing of hair, urine and stool

  • How metals interrelate with each other

  • Treatments to use to help correct imbalances

  • What are Heavy Metals and why are they so toxic

  • Biomarkers of Metal Intoxication

  • Detoxification Processes and the Genetics of Phase III pathways

  • Deeper understanding of Hair Tissue Mineral & Metal Analysis

  • DMSA Urine Challenge Tests

  • Using Red cell and Stool metal analyses

  • Treatment Protocols incl. DMSA dosing schedules

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Michelle Crone Naturopathy Unravelling Chronic Health Disorders, Naturally.
Using nutrigenomics, genetics associated with your nutrition and what your body needs individually to heal.

Facilitator of Holistic Workshops and Education.

"Heavy Metal Assessment Practitioners Workshops"
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