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We are here to support your quest for a healthier life, and losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight may be part of it.

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You may wonder, who is "we"?

We is, Dieter Luske - Editor of useNature and qualified Holistic Natural Health Consultant, and a team of expert practitioners, which are presented on  the Directory.

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If you would like to lose some weight, or you need assistance in maintaining your weight, please join this Weight loss support group.


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It is important not to skip any pages. You will also find, that the number of articles will increase, as I will answer specifc weight related questions. You will find a comment app on each article page.

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I am here for support and introducing my weight loss program

Personally, I don't practice, and I am not taking onany new patients, but I will recommend, on your request, a suitable practiitoner in your area/city to you.

My weight loss program is a holistic program, meaning it recognises, that a single approach is not likely to work.

Working holistically on your health and weight.

What does that mean? It means, that lifestyle changes, nutrition, physical activities and mental attitudes will be all addressed.

And I hope you will share your jouney, as sharing will help other people iin their jouney.

By the way, my name "Dieter" is pronounced like Peter with a D; it is not a nick name for talking about diets :-)

If you would like to contact me in private to ask a question, please use the e-mail form link on the listing below.

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Cheers Dieter

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Free Weight Loss Support - Holistic Health Care useNature's free weight loss support will provide holistic realistic weight loss facts in form of numbered articles, which will present a complete weight loss program. Further support is given by answering questions, and giving moral and info support, as well as recommending practitioners on request.
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