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Dieter Luske - Editor's Statement:

Having been in one way or another within this Holistic Health Industry for the last 35 years, has only strengthened my view, that Complementary Alternative Medicine - CAM (Natural Therapies) is a vital aspect of supporting a Healthy Lifestyle and Active Prevention.

Complementary Therapies have come a long way.... a lot of advice that  practitioners have given or suggested, and which in the past have been "credited" as advice from quacks, are now widely practice, eg; non smoking, diet and nutrition advice, regular exercise, healthy mental attitude, just to mention a few.

My personal attitude in consulting has always been to support the patient to the best of my abilities.

If a patient needs medical treatment, the patient will be referred to a medical practiitoner.

However once a patient has been stabilised, the full holistic natural therapy knowledge of how to achieve Optinal Health should be considered.

Obviously, a lot of patients don't even need medical treatments, a natural approach and lifestyle advice  is often all what is needed.

The medical system needs to acknowledge that not enough is done to improve health and prevent diseases, and that Complementary Therapies have a role to play.

Let's face it, can you see your GP sitting down with you for a "one hour consultation ", explaining about health improvements, lifestyle, attitudes, diets, nutritional supplements or meditation?

The medical systems FIGHTS DISEASE.

The natural holistic medicine system SUPPORTS HEALTH.


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