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Yoga Products - Equipment and Aids

Listings for products such as; yoga mats - organic cotton mats - cushions - blocks - straps - jewellery - CD's - DVD's, and more.

To find a Yoga teacher near you, click > Yoga Classes

To use yoga stretches for other sports activities, click - Sports Yoga

... or find meditation classes

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Yoga as  Therapy

AYUR - Certified Organic Herbal Products Profile | Email | Website
AYUR - Certified Organic Herbal Products Since 2003 Ayur Pty Ltd has been a leading distributor of Natural and Organic products in Australia. 11-15 Westwood Drive
Deer Park
Australia 3023
(03) 8361 8103
ChakraShine Profile | Email | Website
ChakraShine ChakraShine Bed Linen.
Get Balanced Chakras Every Night.
Made to order bed linen to suit your height and bed size.
Free Shipping Australia Wide.
Balance your Chakras while you sleep. Effortlessly!
ChakraShine Bed Linen can help balance your chakra energy system and enhance your feeling of well-being every day. No effort required.
PO Box 62
Australia 4802
Source Of Spirit Profile | Email | Website
Source of Spirit is an online new age retailer that provides health, wellbeing and transformational books, CDs and DVDs for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Alexandria 2015
Yogalates - Organic Fusion Profile | Email | Website
The original Yoga & Pilates fusion- International recognised exercise system to enhance functional movement & breathing. Award winning DVD series, Teacher Training, Retreats avail. Byron Bay 2481