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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Weight loss

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What is Weight loss?

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Help for Obesity and Weight Problems

To lose weight, one can consider a multitude strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

We all know, it takes more than just cutting down on food a bit, or try a quick diet.

What is needed, is a supportive attitude.

Weight loss has to become a lifestyle, not by constantly thinking about your weight, no quiet to the contrary, by choosing a lifestyle which is beneficial for your general health - happiness and fulfillment.

This is the reason, that anyone, embarking on a weigh loss regime should be aware, that the final long lasting happy outcome can only be achieved by getting quality diet -advice - exercise advice and lifestyle advice.

Being over-weight is now scientifically proven to be a major risk factor in most chronic and metabolic diseases....
and the good news is > it can be treated successfully. 

Many high priority 'Health-Risk - Signs/Symptoms/Behaviours, if eliminated or treated can cause a dramatic positive change in your physical and mental health.

There are the obvious health risks, such as excess drinking and smoking, and then there is the even more obvious one - being over-weight.

It may be hard to totally cure diseases such as Arthritis, Diabetics, or any other chronic diseases.

But it is possible to treat, and to treat successfully >> a weight problem. 

You virtually can become a new person, eliminating these major health risk with one major blow, just by  loosing weight and firming up.

Only in about 10% of cases can a permanent weight loss be achieved by diet alone. 

Permanent weigh loss can be guaranteed, if the client is ready to make positive lifestyle changes.

Counseling, lifestyle modification, changes in attitude, exercise, proper fat burning nutrition, all play a role.

In fact, weight loss treatment, like any other natural treatment has to be holistic, taking all facets of your being into account, and is has to be monitored.

If you are serious about improving your total health, while loosing weight at the same time, and you are ready to commit yourself to a proper weight loss treatment, then you have achieved a major goal on your way to weight loss already.

Probably one of the most satisfying experience is, to embark on a lifestyle change and knowing that it actually works and finally see the transformation....

Weight Loss Challenge

... here you find a number of links for support or suggestion ... the first link is a full weightloss program.

Free Weight Loss Support

Part 1 Holistic Weight Loss - Introduction

.. and please, be invited to join the useNature  Weight Loss Support Group

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