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Support Natural Therapies

Be active, voice your support for Natural and Complementary Therapies, an important part of the overall health system.

If you believe Natural and Complementary Therapies are important to your health, please voice your support, by applying for a FREE listing on this directory, selecting the " Support Natural Therapies " category.

The free listing will give you a direct voice.  Please state that you support Natural Therapies and that it needs to be accepted, accredited and treatments need to be able to be claimed with Health Funds for Health Benefits.

The free listing, offers you space on your own profile page, where you can answer questions such as:

Why is Natural Therapy important for you?


Alternatively, become a member / friend of the  "Friends of Holistic Health"

If you are an accredited Natural Therapist and would like more space, supporting a specific Natural Therapy modality by offering constructive ideas for advancing Natural Therapies, or scientific evidence, double blind test etc., we are happy to provide a comprehensive listing package with article submit functions free of cost as part of the friendships package.

We feel that it is of utmost importance that all Natural Therapy Associations work closer together, coordinating their efforts, studies, research, public events, and more..

We also feel it is important to point out, that we are not against the medical system in any way. It is our greatest hope that one day, the medical health system will be able to diagnose, treat and cure all diseases without any side effects.

In the meantime, the utmost importance of complementary therapy can not be underestimated.

Natural Therapies are supporting you and your health in a holistic way. 

….   and take action now …

We have provided a listing facility for you to register for free and write your support or critique or opinion.

To register, go here … and simply select Free Text Listing -- 
... at  time of creating the listing,  select Support Natural Therapy, or Friends of Holistic Health as the Service Categoy.


Thank you ... Dieter - Editor
.. read more information here, click  >> Support Complementary Medicine


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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.

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