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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Palmistry

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What is Palmistry?

Palmistry - Palm reading - Hand reading and Analysis

Reading your palm has nothing to do with fortune telling. Lines and other signs reveal part of your physical, mental and spirtual journey and destiny....

The lines on the hand tell us the direction our life energies are heading. They will give us information about how we express ourselves, consciously and unconsciously. Pointers for future developments may certainly be seen on the palm, as a person's behaviour and choices in the present affects his/her future, and the line configurations will reflect this.

Each hand represents quite distinct areas of our characters. In hand analysis we refer to active and passive hands. The hand that is used for writing is the'active' hand.

The palm is also a reflection of the past,  more on the active hand, to a lessor extent on the passive.

Your palm contains the map of your life.

It reflects your character as it is directly influenced by your psyche, the planets and past lives.


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