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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: New Age Shops

Find an New Age Shop in your state or city

NSW (1) Lismore (1) | Tweed Heads (1)
VIC (1) Melbourne (1) | Geelong (1)
Global Listings India | Netherlands | Portugal | South Africa | USA

What is New Age Shops?

New Age Shops stock Spiritual - Esoteric - Sel Help  Gifts - including Angels, Books, Tarot, Crystals and more ....

Typical Products and Services are :

Crystals, Jewellery, Candles, Incense, Inspirational cards, magnets, notepads & crystal cards, Waterfeatures, Buddha Statues, New Age books, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Oils, Mythical figuriens, gentle birth and inspirational books, rare /exotic crystals, gifts.

Readers, Healers, Clairvoyant readers, Numerology, Psychics, Tarot Readings,

Wicca products, gifts for all ages - fairies and fantasy.

Salt Lamps, Feng shui products, salt & soaps

Books, CDs, DVDs, Wicca, Meditation Books, Paintings, Mandalas, Photos,

Workshops, Classes ....


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Spirit Apps

Angel App

A new fresh approach
to call on Angels.

Angels can help you reach specific goals, can offer your support in certain situations, and can offer you solutions to change situations in your life.
Angels are entities of light that want to help us humans.

This app includes over 300 described situations, which are all accompanied by the angel that can help you best.  It's just fun and makes it more challenging to call on angels.

Call your Angels



Original Design Shop

Original Design Shop - Activist Cow Pillow
save me - activist cow

Original Design Shop


Planetory Alignment

Planetory Alignment - Designer products - iPhone case

iphone case & more products