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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Meditation

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What is Meditation?

Meditation means, "none thinking".

Learn Techniques to still your mind.

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Meditation is the effort to think less and less, till one thinks of nothing at all.

Preparation For Meditation:

Have your own special meditation place, where you are not disturbed. This place will accumulate meditative energy. Don't use it for anything else. Don't have that place in your bedroom, and don't use that spot for eating, or for watching TV. - Keep that area clean and free of clutter, in a way  that represents your mind.

A regular time for meditation is best, same spot, same time frame. Length of meditation can start from 10min. to 20min.. It is better to meditate everyday 10min., rather than 3 hours for only one day a week. First thing in the morning would be a good time. While you prepare yourself, you may want to listen to some soothing music.

Meditation Techniques
Techniques are vehicles, designed to take you to the space of meditation, the stillness and peace, there are not meditation in itself. By deciding to meditate, the process of meditation will begin, your subconscious mind and your higherself will be on your side.

Before you do anything else, become an passive observer to your mind. If thoughts arise, let them come, do not resist them (remember what you resist persist). Let them come and go, be passive, watch your own mind, don't interfere, and don't start picking a thought up and think about it.

Become fully aware of your thoughts but with complete detachment.

This exercise works well with awareness of the breathing process and the counting of breath. As soon as you just become an observer to your own mind, you will find that the need to get involved will vanish. Having observed your mind for a while, a minute or so, allows you now to focus on what YOU like to focus on. Be patient with your self, don't force anything. Just concentrate on your specific technique and if other thoughts arise just let them come and go and gently come back to your special technique.

Focus On Breathing Technique
Focus on your left nostril and feel the breath entering your left nostril as you inhale and feel it leaving from the left nostril as you exhale. Stay with this for a while.
Now, start counting. Count "one", while breathing in, and count "one", while breathing out. Count "two" on the next breath, and so on to "ten".

Use above pattern, but focus on the right nostril up to the count of ten.

Next, become aware of the breath not only in one of the nostrils, but start following the breath down the windpipe into the tips of your lung.
And once again, do that on both sides up to ten.

Having managed that, extend your awareness more and actually feel the breath going even further, down into your abdomen, into your legs ending in your feet.

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